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my nephew had a defective samsung phone through AT&T - he is on my friends and family plan. The phone never worked well, and he was constantly talking to AT&T's technical service.

Finally, they told him they would send him a new phone and he could return his defective phone in the same box. He was told the warranty would apply as long as the phone was undamaged. Roughly 2 weeks after he had exchanged phones, he gets a notice that says AT&T has deemed his phone to be damaged. The only "damage" to the phone was a very small cosmetic blemish.

He offered to return the new phone they sent as he doesn't have $400 to pay full price for a phone, but they say that's impossible since he's used the new phone - basically he's screwed. Their process leaves the consumer completely powerless and makes the warranty essentially worthless

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The same thing has happened to me. Charging zulimaqme $619.00 for a phone that the battery never worked on Galaxy note 5, switching companies as soon. As I can!!!!!!!!!!


I'm Geoff with AT&T and I'm really sorry for the bad experience. I'm here 1-10pm cst M-F and I would like to try and help with your issue. Please email me your account, contact #, and include your name on the Subject line.; Thanks, Geof -AT&T Social Media Manager


So i have had problems with my phone for maybe a week i took my phone to a authorized dealer and they took my phone apart i also went to a place they gave me a list of to repair the phone BOTH places told me i had no liquid damage i went to the one in santa monica for repairs i wasn't able to leave my phone because i needed to back up all my files from work on my computer not knowing they were gonna give me a new phone since mine was completely defective they told me IN THEIR OWN WORDS PHONE DID NOT HAVE NO LIQUID DAMAGE. so i called because i had warranty on the phone and i had backed up all my files.

The rep i spoke with very helpful even went out of her way to call me through my house phone since my phone was dying and kind you i had charge the phone for two hours to only get 2% charged >:o so today i received the damm phone back with no sticky to send it back. And they want to charge me $329 along with my phone bill of $195 :x thats just not right then the *** tells me my phone has damage in it because of rain? Or moisture how am i suppose to know they aren't lying. The only reason i say this was because i believe i was set up to get trapped how is it i got a new phone that wasn't even compared to my old phone i found it was a plus to better sound the displays are different.

Just the phone itself is different but the body is the same.

This is B.S now my mom has to talk to our attorney to see what's best i mean no doubt we are going to pay it but att screws people over I'm so sick of it. What is warranty good for me paying extra a month for what to be told i have to pay for this phone i paid $99 for the damm phone why the *** would i get a phone that is $329 makes no sense I'm very frustrated.

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