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I had the misfortune of getting Iphones for my wife and four kids - 4 phones in VA and 1 in NJ. Decided to combine into 1 plan to save $ - big mistake.

Had to go to an AT&T store - and sign a form that the store didn't have which converted the account to a business account...go figure! And then got first bill for double my previous bills. After speaking to multiple agents/supervisors each with different stories, finally got bill adjusted only to have them charge my Visa/Checkcard for $1100 when I authorized only $500. Hours later on phone, finally got them to fax my bank to ask them to release the funds hold...5 minutes after they left for the evening because the supervisor in the Phillipines doesn't have a fax...can't wait for the checks to start bouncing.

AT&T has got to have the worst customer service that I have ever seen...unbelievably imcompetent! I cannot wait for Verizon to support Iphones!

I will be gone in a heart beat. And to top it all off...they offered a $25 credit for my trouble.

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Definetly sounds like a mix up, however @LEFT ATT, if you default on AT&T, the bill will be sent to a collections agency after 90 days and at that point WILL BE REPORTED TO YOUR CREDIT SCORE.


This over billing practice by ATT appears to be nationwide, with both internet & phone charges. The best advice is hit ATT with class action law suits based on billing fraud.


wrong--they will turn it over to collections

call Business Receive Management--1-800-351-9056 don't get anywhere ask for supervisor--still no where, ask again. keep calling and esculation--ask them if they can send your esculation "to the office of the president" there is a special team for this. sorry this happen


no worrys, if you default on them, they won't report on credit scores and give up trying to contact you after one year!

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