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We started with AT&T with a phone for my dying mother and myself (in different states)-when mom dies I asked to terminate her phone, they said it would be a 150$ cancelation fee (okay so a dead person needs a phone now?!) I then switched my husbands phone over to att to not have to pay to cancel, he was put on a list for an i-phone, it came in and our bills were always much higher than advertized rates due to surcharges, when he got the I phone all we had on it was PHONE service>NO internet, we had to call to have it added. (rate went up 30 bucks of course) time went on, husband was hospitalized and lost his job, trying to cut back on bills I called ATT and explained that husband was no longer working, in the hospital and we needed to remove internet services from BOTH phones (for a savings of over 50 bucks a month closer to 60 by the time fees and surcharges are added!) They said IMPOSSIBLE the i-phone HAS to have internet, it can NOT be used as just a phone.

It WAS when we first got the phone-no internet at all!

Someone should file a class action suit against these CROOKS now everyone can get unlimited everything cells for 50 bucks a month- sometimes less here in New York!

How are they allowed to do this?? Someone...anyone??

Thanks and Stay far far away from at&t

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I tried ATT wireless in the weekend, and they gave me monthly estimation of fees as below

1. Monthly chage: $70 for family plan

2. Surchanges: around $20 (including fees, Universal xx fees, 911fees, taxes )

So my monthly payment will be around $90 on a $70 plan.

So, I have to stick with Verizon, around $75 on a same $70 plan.

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