Dansville, New York

AT&T was to bill debit card $50 per month for my daughter's gophone service. This was $25 for voice/test and $25 for data plan monthly.

My daughter did not use the phone's internet much ouside our home. Most of her internet use was at home where she was able to use Wifi to connect to our wireless router. In Sept she mentioned she was not able to connect to the internet outside the house and hadn't been able to for some time. Wish she told me earlier but she didn't.

I called AT&T and found out that the rep I talked to who set my phone up for auto pay at the beginning of the year, never properly set up the data plan to renew monthly. So my daughter wasn't getting the internet as ATT had't renewed the data plan. AT&T billed my account $50 per month though but only actually provided the $25 voice / text service. So for 6 months the extra $25 built up in my account but as I was not getting paper bills I did not realize the issue.

So I had a $150 credit in my account by the time I realized it in September. AT&T did not offer to refund the money at that time so I stopped the autopay and started drawing down off the balance. But the service AT&T was providing seemed to be dropping calls routinely. I called the local AT&T store that is about 20 miles away and spoke with them before deciding to move her to Verizon which has much better service in our home.

So I went to cancel her AT&T GoPHone account and asked AT&T for a refund of the balance in my account that was there due to their error. AT&T refused to refund the money even though I explained to them that they are the ones who overcharged me and didn't provide the service at the time they charged my account. I think most businesses who would charge a customer money for a service and keep that money despite never providing the services that they charged that money for would be breaking the law. AT&T can not deny that this money was added to my account from Feb to Aug due to their error so I don't understand why they don't see this problem.

Apparently they must enjoy upsetting their customers and really don't want customers to ever return either. I will definitely not use AT&T again.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I had something along this lines happen to me & they said they could only reimburse me for 3 months not for the full 39 months of over billing. I am going to figure out how to get my money back.


If you want to get technical, them overcharging you was not their error in the first place, as it is your responsibility to review the bill monthly, whether by hard copy or electronic copy, so as to keep updated on the features on your account. The adjustment was a courtesy adjustment and due to their policy it most likely should not have been refunded.

Honestly though that does suck and I have not heard a whole lot about credit balances not being refunded. When they are though it usually takes a while.

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