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If you want to avoid hours of install time, fustration, faulty equipment just plain *** installers that don't listen to the customers, customer service that tell YOU how to fix THEIR problem DO NOT use AT&T Digital life home protection!

I now know why they are not charging for installs this month, it has to be because of the inadiquiet equipment and lack of knowlege of the customer service division.

On Thursday Feburary 13, 2014 I had not heard anything about the install I had scheduled 4 days earlier. What was I t have moved, where were the units going, how would I get the system on my new phone they sold me, how would I get it on the computer ect. I started calling at 8:00 am when I finally got through I was informed there was a "problem" with my account and that I would be call back in 30 minutes. At 2:30 I called and was told they had not set up my account and would call me back in 1 hour. At 4:45 I called and was told that there were NO NOTES in my records and they would fix it while I was on the phone - well they sort of did- At 6:00 pm I was called by dispatch to verify that the install would take place on the next afternoon. I asked what to do about equipment I was told that I was on the truck. I found that unusual because they had shipped me 2 YES 2 set already.

On Friday Feburary 14,2014 I had finally "set up" as much of the system on my phone and home computer as i could. At 1:00pm the installers showed up and could not figure out why I had so much equipment and they had it on the truck also. So the decision was made to mix the equipment so I would get the best of it not to mention that they (installers) decided that the equipment that I was shipped was not the best so they would change it out NO CHARGE. Long story short 3 different installers were here 3 different times (1 time with each installer) I covered exactly where in the walls was best and where I wanted the equipment inside the house and outside. Someone (I suspect the person doing each item decided that they did not want to install it where i wanted it and just installed it elsewhere!

I now have a control panel in the MIDDLE of the wall not just the middle but dead center of a wall I was going to hang a picture. The remote inside camera that I told them where to locate to see the best of the house was located on a new doorway where I had made clear they could run the cables down the trim that was to be installed or so I could hide it in the trim insted they hung the camera directly where the top trim was to go and just left bare spliced wires hanging down not even taped in place. The camera did not even cover 1/2 the possable space it also was blocked across the top of the screen by a 12 inch tall open beam. I had showed them the trim that was to be installed by my contractor AND even left it agenst the wall next to the ne door!

The camera at the front door that i was informed would cover the front yard by both sales and the techs only shows a spot at the front door 6' by 7' and snapes a picture each and everytime a car drives by and I am on a main throughfair so in the last week I have hundreds of pictures of my front door.

To top all of this off the main computer brain took 5 hours to program (remember the equipment that was on the truck -- yep thats the one not the one that was preprogramed and sent to me) they could not make it talk to the control office. On top of that 3 days after the install I started to get a battery back up fail. I placed a call to customer support and was told to take the main box apart and remove the battery cables and wait 5 minutes and it would fix the problem BUT that was only a suggestion because on their end they had NO battery fail indication????? I did that even though I am 100% disabled and barly can lift my right arm above my head. I have done it every day 2 to 3 times a day for 4 days!!!

Next on Friday afternoon I recieved a battery fail for the final time and got pissed off called and they said they would reset it from there and did not understand why no one had told me that. 10 minuets later all lights were on green and I thought finally I had the system working. 15 minuets later I was back on the phone yet again NOW I had a system failure light again they reset it again all went green. within 2 hours I now had a fail light for the system saying that it could not talk to the dispatch office - well that was the final straw this time I called and told them to come out and remove the system. I was told "how sorry they were" and it was only going to cost me an additional $99 ( now what I have not said to this point is that I had to take a 2 year plan with them to get the new Andriod phone for $799, and pay $199 for the camera kit plus a $11 with tax premium each month on top of the $39.99 per month montering cost) and now they expected me to pay $99 to remove a 6 day old system that had never worked since BEfORE it was installed. They now know what a first generation american from Ireland sounds like.

To date since Friday Feburary 21, 2014 I have been in constant contact with the alesman who has tried to help, recieved 1 call from his mananger telling me I would recieve a call from a district supervisor (still waiting) made 2 more calls to the store and promissed a call back from manangement (still waiting). It isnow 6:53 pm on Sunday Feburary 23,2014 I have recieved no response. Finally on Monday Feburary 24, 2014 the system is to be removed no later than 12 noon. If they have not showed up they will find it ripped from the walls and laying in my front yard rain or shine (rain is the report right now). I have already called AMERICAN EXPRESS and given them this information and they have credited my card for all the money paid.

If you are smart you will never do business with AT&T for home security spend your money on a good dog and a gun you will be much safer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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