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BE IT KNOWN, that former Time Warner Cable customer was recently invited to join the AT&T Uverse network and that certain promises and commitments provided by AT&T were not have not yet been fulfilled. Specifically, the facts are:

1) On June 25, 2014 AT&T installed two wireless TV and one wire TV controls. The agreed upon cost for installation and activation was waived;

2) Reward cards totaling $250 were promised;

3) Service technician, during installation, determined that cables originating from yard service panel to house needed to be replaced in order to improve signal strength;

4) And service technician replace lines from yard service panel to house above ground;

5) And service technician stated that a work order was issued to bury lines underground and that this would occur within one week.

NOW COME the issues at hand yet to be resolved by AT&T without resolution after considerable effort on my behalf through repeated attempts with customer support:

1) Billing occurred within days after installation and included a $49 activation fee that was waived at time of agreement;

2) Reward cards have not been received yet billing for services not rendered were tendered;

3) Above ground cabling has not been buried and AT&T support cannot confirm date when cable will be buried or acknowledge that a valid service ticket has been entered. Multiple promises have been made as to date when cable would be buried and continued excuses of weather and backlog are the provided excuses. BE IT KNOWN, weather conditions have not been detrimental to the burial of cables from the time of service until the date of this notice. BE IT KNOWN, that customer support cannot confirm or acknowledge service ticket for burial of cable even after multiple contacts and complaints;

4) That the apparent attempt is to extend burial of cable beyond the 30 day trial period thereby putting in force penalties and fees upon me to stop services that were promised yet not provided.

SEEKING IMMEDIATE RESOLUTION in the form of the following:

1) AT&T promptly credit my account for the activation fees which were waived during the initial time of agreement;

2) AT&T take full and total responsibly, without limitation, for failure to bury cable including potential accidents, damage to property, persons, service outages, and lost wages for failure to meet specified service commitments on burial of cable.

3) Compensatory resolution to be determined based on AT&T Uverse immediate response to issues and fair treatment as a 20 year customer.

Monetary Loss: $181.

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