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I have the ATT so called 4G unlimited plan .. This so called unlimited plan says you get 22 or 23 Gigs of unlimited 4G data per month and "They may slow it down during peek times" .. They slow it down ALL of the time. I don't know why they call any of it unlimited 4G because it doesn't matter if you're within the 22 G's of unlimited or not, they still throttle down real bad

I know they're doing it because after midnight until the early AM , I can hit 5 or 5 MPBS and very early in the morning I also get decent speed but as the day goes, I can't even get online about half of the time. Once it hits around 4 or 5 oclock , they virtually turn it off and I'm not exaggerating. Sometimes I can't even load a page for several hours and it goes on from around 4 or 5 in the evening until 10-12 oclock and on the weekends you may as well say you don't have internet at all.

Right now, I'm still well below my 22 Gigs and I can barely load this page to write this review. There's complaints like this all over the internet so it's not just me..

My question is, WHY do you say you're giving "UNLIMITED " for 22 GS and MAY THROTTLE once you pass that point when you're THROTTLING IT ALL THE TIME? The only time I have decent 4G speeds above a 1 is after midnight and maybe on ocassion in the day time . You're not just throttling it AFTER the 22Gigs , you're doing it before hand . I can tell EXACTLY when it kicks in because it goes from bad to just like it gets shut off . I can get up in the middle of the night or around 2-3 am and my speeds are 5 times what it is in the day time or really any other time and that includes During the time that I am within the unlimited 22G's and you can't tell me it isn't, because I'm on it right now and I could barely get this page loaded to write this review.

The Government needs to do something about this .. They're quite apparently selling a service plan that their towers are not equipped to handle or else they wouldn't throttle you down where you can't even use it .. It sucks paying for something you can't even use and it's also fraud!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att 4G Unlimited Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Stop throtting the internet and forcing us to pay for service we're not getting! .

ATT Cons: 4 g coverage.

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Like someone said on the other post.. "May slow you down" does not mean " turn you off".

It goes on for days here.

Not an exaggeration either. I don't know why they throttle anyone either as bad as their coverage is.


Got that right. None of it is unlimited during any point whether it's before or after the maximum usage amount they tell you that your plan includes.

It all depends on the area you live in I suppose. If you live in an area where they have several towers and they can handle it, then I guess you get better speeds. If you live in an area where there is only one tower, and they have too many customers, then they cut you off to allow someone else to use it according to their plan but it doesn't say that when you buy it. It says they may throttle you after your plan cap.

They're either throttling all the time, or they just don't have the towers or ability to service the areas that they say they service. It's a simple as that. They should have stuck with selling 3G. Somebody needs to come up with a cheap 3G plan.

Another thing is, I'm not sure why they throttle you all the way down to 2G.

I thought they claimed they had or were in the process of eliminating 2G and 3G so how are they throttling us down to that speed supposedly, if they don't have it any longer? All I know is when they shut you off, it's a useless product.


well I guess it sucks everywhere because it's the same way here. In and out all of the time. there's nothing reliable about it that's for sure.