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Andrew Geisse

Senior Executive Vice President, AT&T Business and Home Solutions

208 South Akard Street

Dallas, TX 75202

Dear Mr. Geisse:

I have a problem with my highspeed DSL internet service that is not resolved after many months of contact with AT&T Customer Service. I consider this a breach of contract and would appreciate your help in resolving the matter.

Our problem is that our internet will connect, run at an acceptable speed for seconds, and then come to an abrupt halt. Web pages will cease to load (even text-only pages). Sometimes a webpage is completely lost and sometimes the loading will pick back up where it left off, only to stop again in seconds. We can't watch even a 30-second video without it rebuffering several times. This isn't a "sometimes" problem, it's a constant, every day problem. We were forced to drop Netflix instant view because of this internet problem.

This is an ongoing problem with our highspeed DSL and we hang up the phone only frustrated and with no results when contacting AT&T for customer service. A line technician was sent out to our home and couldn't find a problem but suggested we get an AT&T router/modem, which we did with no change in internet service. We've spent literally hours on the phone while technicians run diagnostic tests. I had someone from AT&T call our home as a follow-up and speak rudely to me when I replied to them that our problem was not fixed after contact with AT&T technicians.

We had one technician tell us we needed filters on everything, even our printer. And this was after the line technician had removed our phone filters and put a filter in the box outside our home.

Several AT&T technicians have told us the problem is with our pc but we've had the same problem with three computers and an IPad. We've had visitors in our home experience the same problems with their Mac laptops and Kindle. We've disconnected all but one computer and still had the same problem. We disconnected our whole house, including phones, and ran a direct line from outside to our modem and still experienced the same problem.

Every phone call with AT&T ends the same way, with the technician saying, "You need to upgrade your service and it SHOULD fix your problem." Our thought is that we're not getting the service we're paying for now so why would we want to put more money into it, especially with no guarantee of our problem being resolved.

I understand you are a very important man and don't have time to deal with the small problems of every AT&T customer. However, I think you should know how "unimportant" AT&T customers are treated. I have been an AT&T customer for over 30 years and currently have a landline phone, four cell phones, and DSL service with AT&T and would prefer to stay with them but we're checking out other options because of the ongoing internet problem. We have been loyal to AT&T and only ask that they return the favor by delivering what we're paying for.

Please contact me to resolve this issue. My AT&T account number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and my cell phone is (XXX)XXX-XXXX.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

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Just wanted to report back on our DSL problems. We were contacted by an AT&T rep.

After months of at least weekly contact with them, many, many hours on the phone with them, several visits from line technicians that tried several different things to cure our problem, we are at the same place as before. The AT&T rep admitted the problem is on their side but they ended the whole thing by saying it is "acceptable." Acceptable to whom?

Living in a rural area, we don't have many internet options but we do have cell phone options and we are phasing out our AT&T cell lines and going with someone else. I know that won't hurt this huge "communication" company (which by the way does not know how to communicate with each other within their departments), but at least it gives us a little feeling of getting-back at them.


P.S. After all the technicians ending our conversations those months by saying we need to upgrade to a faster service, we found out they do not offer a faster service in our area!

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