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My family and I moved to our current home in May of 2015. After closing I attempted to switch the internet service into my name, I was told that they only offer DSL and I would have to assume the previous owners account. If she terminated the account I would no longer be able to get service of any kind.

Once I contacted her and explained the situation she was very hesitant to allow me to do so, for fear of being scammed. She finally agreed to let me take over on a three way call with ATT. Her name and security question remain on my account for some reason and I have tried to change it several times with no luck.

My service has been poor from day 1. I have called to complain 3 or 4 times a year since 2015. My husband and I both work from home and ATT is the only company that will service this area, so we are stuck!

From the beginning I was told I had to have home phone service to be able to get the DSL, so I had no choice but to agree. I've never even owned a phone, there has never been a phone connected in this house but every month I did my part and paid the bill.

Over the years the price crept up from $80/mo to $90/mo now were at $138.79/mo. We pay for what they call Fast Access DSL Xtreme Pro 6.0mbps. On a good day after resetting my modem I may get up to 3.7mbps, if only one device is connected. Every time I call to complain about the service I am told "ma'am, you are eligible to receive Uverse service"... No, actually I'm not they have sent out more Uverse technicians than I can count, each time they leave as confused as I am as to why they were even sent in the first place.

Enough is enough, I called in last week to inquire about the new charge of $30 for Internet Usage on top of my already outrageous bill. No one could tell me exactly what it was for, they did however agree to credit me $20/mo for the next 12 months... OK, what about the other $10/mo?

During that conversation after expressing my need to lower my bill I was asked if I needed my home phone line' to which I responded "well per ATT I have to have it to get DSL". The lady on the phone said 'Mrs. Horton I am not sure why you think that but that is not true.'

I lost my mind, I was beyond angry to the point of fighting tears. "So you mean to tell me I've been paying $52.79/mo for 4 years for NO reason?"... The lady patiently listens to me mutter to myself and cry and fume over this (I wasn't attacking her, she simply works there). She agrees to credit me back for the previous 3months (bc that is all she is authorized to do) and she assures me that a supervisor will call me in 24-48hrs to discuss my displeasure with ATT.

She then sends me to tech support to troubleshoot my modem, and after the same Uverse conversation he insist on sending a tech out, because what do I know? Im only the consumer, surely the map on his computer knows more than me. Once again the tech came out in the rain and was frustrated that ATT would even waste his time.

Back to square 1.

I called again on Monday and talked to tech support, after 1 hour and 33 minutes I was assured that he cleaned my line and my service should improve. Fast forward to today at 11:13am Eastern time, I open my laptop to do a little work and what do you know, I have 5 bars but my screen can't seem to load. I reset the modem as I'm calling ATT yet again. The tech support lady understood my frustration and kindly didn't waste my time, she ran her backdoor test and informed me that something is wrong with my line into the home, she apologized for the fact that the tech on Monday didn't issue a service ticket for an at home repair. She did so kindly, and I asked her to send me to Customer Loyalty because I have yet to receive a phone call from the Supervisor about the overpaid phone service scam that ATT is running.

Hop over to the loyalty care team and after re explaining my whole situation the lady tells me 'we don't call our customers when promotions end, and we do not notify our customers of system changes that occur and could save them money, it is the customers responsibility to seek out this information regularly'.

At one point she offered to get me in touch with her Regional Supervisor so that he could tell me NO, if her words weren't sufficient enough'; when I gave up yet again and asked for his name (with a bit of attitude and sarcasm) She then refused to give me his name or his contact info. She recommended I call the President of the company Randall Stephenson and complain to him.

So, if you are paying for phone service under the assumption that you have to, to receive internet; stop! you can call and cancel the phone portion its a scam and they are taking advantage of their loyal customers, because they can.

I am researching other options (though they are limited), selling my house being one of them. But I'm guessing I'm not the only one being affected in this manner, surely they have to be responsible for the gross negligence and deception of their consumers.

What can be done for them to make it right? $2300 wasted because their reps told me I had no choice!

If you made it this far, thanks!

-Very unsatisfied ATT consumer

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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