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Let me start with my ATT cell phones first. I had signed up for ATT wireless service on April 19, 2012.

When I got my first bill, I didn't pay attention to it because the Best Buy rep had told me the payment was not due until the 19th of May. I receive phone calls on around May 14th saying I need to make a payment. I told them "It's not due until the 19th". They said it was due the 9th.

I told them "well I signed a contract on the 19th, can I at least get my payment to the 19th?" They told me I had to make a payment first, then they would push my payment back to the 19th. I had paid my payment that day. Next month comes, still due on the 9th. Didn't complain.

I waited a few months and no change. I told myself I was going to just cut off ATT and go Verizon. They had called me on August 22nd for a payment. I told them I was not going to pay and I'm about to cut off my cell phones because this is *** They gave me the "don't lose a customer" salesman front.

He told me for sure he would put my payment to the 19th if I made my payment. I thought about it for a few hours, then made the payment. A week went by, and it showed online my bill was due on October 19th. Well on October 17th, ATT was blowing up my phone asking for a payment.

I then told them I have proof, confirmation numbers and a recorded phone call that their rep had admitted it was their fault that it wasn't pushed back to the 19th on "their" end. I had told them I was going to sue them, launch and investigation, and get a judge to subpoena all calls, recordings and notes and that would be a valid case of harassment. A supervisor immediately got on and waived that entire cell phone bill and my payment pushed back to the 20th.


On October 22nd, my ATT service was set to be suspended due to non-payment. I had made a payment at around 1am on the 22nd WHILE THE TV AND INTERNET SERVICE WAS STILL ON.

I wake up around 7am and notice my service is completely shut off. At 8 am I call them and tell them "what the *** is going on? I made my payment". They told me their payment system is down and it should be up shortly.

I called them countless times today and around 2pm on October 22nd 2012, my Internet service is up and running. But my TV service says "Account Unavailable, client disabled". I reset all my modems and my internet service is up, but my TV will not come on. They are telling me there is a broken line somewhere.

I told them "are you serious? The internet AND tv service run on the same line. Does that sound logical to you? How convenient is it that the same day my service was cut off, my TV service won't come on.

It says "Client Disabled"... as in you guys disabled it." I spoke to 10 different people and they are sending a tech. I had read many stories where the tech doesn't find out this issue. It doesn't make sense to me that its a "cable".

I honestly believe this is a way this big corporation "punishes" their clients or an ATT rep has a vendetta against me and simply doesn't want to push the button. I have documented everything and will continue to document everything as I believe this is highly preventable.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have been a customer of AT&t wireless for over 11 years and the Land line for over 44 years. Do not combine your bills b/c wireless do not relate to the home side at all.

I called and sent Email and was told each that I had no balance but just received a bill for over $363. CSA working for AT&T are useless and unable to help you but they are able to pass you around and you still do not get your problem solved.


Contact me offline. I think I can help you with this.

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