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Update by user Jun 25, 2016

Want to reiterate there should be a sign posting buyer beware our employees don't always know our programs and may give you false information and we don't honor any wrong information the companies employees give you!!!! This company needs to be responsible and held accountable.

Original review posted by user Jun 24, 2016

In April 2016 I called and signed up with Direct TV. which I have no complaints about but they suggested I talk with AT&T since they were partner companies and had good deals to offer since i was now with direct TV.

Mind you I was not looking to switch since I had a plan with Sprint and no complaints or issues. We were not obligated to sprint, so I thought I would hear them out. Who isnt interested in saving money???. Well the AT&T rep was nice asked about my sprint plan which was unlimited and said no problem they could offer that as well at pretty much the same price!!!.

My interest was peaked so conversation moved on to phones. I could not use our current phones since it was a different carrier but they had a promo for that. Conversation moved on to what sprint phones we had which i gave in detail also mentioning we had those for many years and was under no contract or obligation with Sprint that we owed NOTHING to sprint for our phones and again no Contracts. She then told me for switching I could get $650 each line I transfered in the form of a visa gift card.

(I transfered 3 lines) She told me I would have to do the following: 1) purchase phones from them, 2) transfer the same phone #'s over, 3) turn in my sprint phones, and 4) submit my final sprint bill. I thought SURE SIGN ME UP she knows what her company has to offer. They are a big company, honest and operate with integrity!! WOW I now realize how wrong I was and not everyone values honesty, integrity and character as I was raised to be, even big corporate companies.

I have now been in a vicious phone call *** with AT&T. I have attempted to resolve this with AT&T many times over the last 8 weeks in a constant cycle of calls that go no where, empty promises of escalating my issues and no return phone calls!!! NOW they all want to educate me on how the plan really works and how they cant help me or why didnt it terminate during some 14 day buyers remorse period which no one suggested until its no longer an option available to me. AT&T should be branded with a BUYER BEWARE label indicating they are known to MIS-REPRESENT programs and *** over causing stress, outburst of behaviors and heightened conversations with strangers you have to apologize to for being rhe unlucky individual to pick up my call.

To find yourself trying to stay strong otherwise you would emptionally breakdown.

I am trying to turn my anger and frustration into passion of holding this company accountable to honoring their obligation!!!! I can be reached at if anyone needs more specific details.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

ATT Cons: How i was miss-informed and led to believe one thing, Poor customer service they tell you what you want to hear only.

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Issue settled after lodging complaint through better business bureau

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