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This is the absolute worst company and worst customer service that I have ever encountered. I changed cell phone carriers and was under the impression that my new carrier had taken care of funds owed to get out of my contract and all was paid in full. The last statement I received was dated May 30th with a due date of "due upon receipt." This bill was a "final bill" after your company was notified of our change in April and my new carrier paid you on June 3rd I have NEVER received a statement since stating that I still had a remaining balance so I thought all was finalized. Well today is August 10th and I found out I was wrong. I contacted your customer service this evening and had to speak to 6 or 7 different associates. Three of your associates stated one thing and the others another. I didn't feel comfortable with the inconsistencies. I asked to speak to a manager on three different occasions because I was fully aware that they had no idea how to PROPERLY answer my legitimate questions. Again, I was transferred to a SO CALLED manager but after asking this associate questions, he admitted he wasn't a MANAGER as he consistently chuckled. I was transferred to a 5th associate and the call was disconnected and the 6th LITERALLY hung up on me. Yes, hung up on me. He rudely and consistently cut me off and it was obvious that he didn't have the proper training or ability to give an actual answer to my question(s). Before I was hung up on, I asked to speak to his manager but was told he was the highest ranking associate available. I find that completely hard to believe with the way he interacted with me and his impatient behaviors. And the kicker, when I asked WHY I was not notified via email, text or mail that I had a balance after my new carrier paid your company, I was told that it was my responsibility to contact your company to request a bill to be sent to me. Why would a company require a client to have a statement and or bill sent to them? Isn't that your job??? Let me add that I was not a pleasant customer after the interactions that I had encountered but I consistently told the first 3 associates that I was upset, confussed and didn't mean any disrespect towards them. They are doing their jobs and are working with how they were trained by your company. However, the last 3 associates (maybe 4 because at that point I lost count) was completely unprofessional and idiotic. People beware of this company!!!! I'm an individual that has had over 20 years experience in my field and full knowledge of regulations, etc. These associates obviously didn't know how to answer my questions or the ability to explain. Yes, this is lengthy but not compared to the time I had to waste. This entire enteraction with your company took almost 3 hours. Pathetic!!

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Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Cons: Billing practices, Customer service, Deceitful associates.

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