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In June my internet was constantly crashing. I was told I would have to purchase a new modem for $90.

I was surprised because I did not pay for the modem when I originally got the service. I decided I was going to look for another provider. When I called to cancel my service was sent to the customer retention department and spoke to an att rep named Ramona. She told me she would work with me and offered 50 percent off bill for 6 months, AND a free modem.

I asked her 3 times to make sure the modem would be free. She assured me...yes, but that I would see a charge for the modem on my July bill, but then the August bill would have a credit. I decided to stay loyal to att and accepted her offer. Received the modem a week later, but was STILL experiencing service interruptions.

I called again and was told, "I'm sorry but we are having a major issue right now and can not access your account. Please call back in 24 hours." Eventually I get a hold of them and a tech comes out, turns out it is a problem is in the att box 2 streets over. Tech said was fixed, but still having service interruptions to this day. Today I call billing department to check on the modem credit, and make sure everything ok.

Well it was not ok. The service rep tells me that she can't remove the modem charge after trying to do so, and tells me I have to pay for the modem. Her supervisor tells me the same. I try to explain to him my side and I only stayed with att because Ramona agreed to credit the cost of the modem.

I don't mind paying my bills, but it is just the point that I spent almost an hour on the phone with this Ramona att rep lady who basically lied to me to keep me from cancelling my internet service. I SPECIFICALLY remember her telling me I would see a charge and the next month would see the credit makes me sure I did not misunderstand her. I am ready to drop my internet service with att AND my land line that I have had for over 20 years. I don't think a huge company like att should be allowed to blatantly lie to their customers.

Do I have any recourse?

Is it true att workers are on strike right now? They are about to lose a long time loyal customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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AT&T Wireless blatantly lied to my husband and me. And in addition to the lack of service promised, we're also stuck In a service plan extended for two years because we upgraded our iPhones based on their false premises.

Although we have been customers for many years, the way we've been treated is incomprehensible.

We've paid for six wireless phones for years, however my father-in-law recently died, so on Feb. 14, 2014, we called to 1) cancel his phone and 2) request the remaining five wireless phones bundled together (AT&T has had a policy that limits a family plan to five phones).

The rep we spoke with VOLUNTARILY offered us a special rate plan that AT&T had offered that expired 02/01. And because of the large anticipated monthly rate reduction, we accepted her suggestion to upgrade our iPhone 4's to 5c (though we were happy with our iPhone 4's).

When the promised monthly rate reduction didn't happen, we called AT&T and were told, "too bad" you were given wrong information... And now we can't get out of our plan to go elsewhere without paying >$600.00 to cancel our contract, because of the new phones we purchased (at their urging)!!!

In addition, despite years of prompt account management on our part, I've been treated terribly (dismissive, condescending, covertly arrogant) by several reps as I've attempted to resolve this. Quite frankly, I'm stunned; AT&T can fraudulently lie to their customers, and the bottom line is, "Oh we'll, you're stuck."

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