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I am an ATT customer from last years, and recently I renewed my contract with ATT by taking a new phone Nokia Lumia.

Since first day I started having Echo issues with new phone , the other person with whom I am speakig they hear a lot of echo.

So to resolve issue , I called up ATT Customer Servoice and they send me to Metuchen,NJ Device support center.

At Metuchen, NJ I met their representative "Tyshan" , who was most rude lady I have ever met in world. and most surprising was her Knowledge...She didnt have any knowledge about some of Technicaal Question which I asked her..and she asked me to stop asking Question ..Is this what is expected from a Company representative..I am paying all my dues on time...and when I have some concerns regarding a device can you stop me from asking Questions...She was saying I should not ask a Question..just tell the problem and mind my own Business...

Well at the end..she didnt even bother to Troubleshoot my phone...and very rudly asked me to go away from there..when I asked her to tell me her name..she was not ready to disclose that...there was 1 guy who was sitting beside her told me her name..

and at the end ..she told me She don't care if I complain to ATT ...because she is at a Supervisor prosition..No 1 in ATT will bother to say anything to her...

This has really socked..atleast I dont expect such things..from a Sr level Customer Service Representative..from a brand like ATT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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metuchen/Edison at Route 1 support center employees are rude. The guy employee(rude,no maners) tell you you can call att to complaine about him.

Useless guy. Hs ne me is Troy.


I have same issues with this place. This is a guy i belive his name is Troy what ever his name is he is an another *** rude guy.

He does not want me to ask questions.

Finally, I had to leave from that place. Why att do not fire/teach manners to this kind of *** person how to talk to att customers.Any I was not happy at all.

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