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ATT recently required internet subscribers to 'migrate' from Worldnet. I did so, and since then, have gotten an 'access blocked' message to all my personal webpages (for my band, pictures of trips, etc).

I've spent about five hours or more on the phone and in on-line help chat: no one knows anything about the problem, and certainly doesn't know what to do about it. All the people I talk to want only to refer me to someone else.

I can't even find out if my webpages still exist hidden somewhere.

This is a tremendous frustration and inconvenience. I plan to switch to another provider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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The same happened to me. No notice - just wham my Texas Bird page is gone.

Very disappointing. Now have to move to a new subnet not on AT&T.

That was very poor customer service on AT&T's part.


I am so disappointed in AT&T. I built a web on space granted by flashnet using prodigy, taken over by SBC, and now taken away by AT&T.

The real problem is that the website went down today and I have yet to have been given notice that this event would ocur.

If I treated my customers in this manner, I would be out of business. Is this life after Ed Whitacre?


Same happened here. ATT member since 90's and this is how they thank loyal customers. I had year's of work lost because of ATT.


I lost my personal web page from ATT also. But I never moved my account. I have always had ATT and a couple of months they would take the site down for a couple of weeks, put it up for a couple of weeks.

I have spent many hours on the phone and no one seemed to know what to do. Eventually they told me that they no longer offer free personal web pages with DSL accounts. So I went to their sales area and on an online chat the sales supervisor told me that with a DSL account you get a free 15 mb space for a personal web page. I took a screen shot of the chat screen and saved it. After telling the customer service person that I had the chat screen image where their sales people are marketing the service, they gave me a prodogy email address for support. Have not received a reply.

This is the worst customer service I have received from any company ever. ATT SUCKS!!!!!


My Web site suffered the same fate. I planned ahead and made a copy on my PC, so I didn't lose anything.

AT&T does not make it clear that access to your Personal Web Pages ends when you move your account. What they say is found on the "Customer Transition Information" page ("") under "Personal Web Pages." Specifically: "AT&T will no longer support AT&T Worldnet Service Personal Web Pages (PWP) as of March 31, 2010 or as of the day your move your account; whichever comes first." [sic] The "or" part, "as of the day you move your account," is the problem.

AT&T should have said something like: "Your access to your Personal Web Pages will end as of the day you move your account. Save your Personal Web Pages to your computer BEFORE MOVING YOUR ACCOUNT."

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