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My family has ATT Cell phones and MIFI service in Victoria Mississippi. When you apply for service and you put in your address it shows you are in THE highest coverage area for 4G service and it's a complete farce.

I live about 3.5 miles from HWY 78 on the main strip and we get little to no coverage most of the time. You literally have to stand walk around in the yard to find a spot that it will work or put the hot spot on the top of the wall in an EXACT location to get it to pick up at all. I could understand it if they showed that we have no coverage but it shows we have THE BEST coverage on their map. I looked it up before I made the purchase.

Apparently they must only have one 4G tower in this area because on the weekends you may as well forget getting online at all. I spend more time trying to get online that I do online and I'm 100% serious. If you have no coverage and you have no reception why do you show that you do and why do your reps say that you do? It can't be just me because everyone in this area says the same thing about it.

Verizon 3G worked much better than this. I wish I had kept them now after several months of trying. There's a lot of people in this area who have to be highly disappointed with 4G reception if they bought based on what your coverage area shows and I know that your disclaimer states that you do not GUARANTEE service / reception but that doesn't mean you should lie about it either. I mean it's a LIE when you can't get 1 or 2 bars 90% of the time and your coverage map show that we should be getting the BEST reception.

Maybe you should get another tower or maybe you should change the map because as of right now, I'm about ready for a refund. Send someone out to check these towers and stop throttling us so bad or whatever youre doing . It sucks for what we pay that we can't even get online. I am being serious.

I had dial up that was faster than this most of the time 20 years ago. I can drive 3 miles up the road which is in the same coverage map and get plenty of signal but I can't get diddly here. It's just wrong to charge the kind of money you charge and show you have coverage and not provide at least a reasonable service. I'm being serious when I say that it has taken me 30 minutes to get online to do this with my MIFI ATT 4G service and I can't even pull up the ATT coverage map to show you where I'm located and the area that shows that ATT provides service to this area and now just decent reception ..

We're supposed to be in a high coverage area and it took at least 3-4 minutes just to send this picture to my own email so I could post it .. It's sad when TRACFONE has better coverage than you do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

ATT Pros: Price.

ATT Cons: Coverage area map is not accurate in the least.

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The 4G is so slow here, you can't even do a speed test .. It comes up and says "Latency Error" everytime I try to test it ...

IT's so slow most of the time it won't connect.. The only people getting any use out of it is the city dwellers I guess. .

I know it's going to be slower but I'm not that far from a tower and according to the map I'm in a good coverage area but it's just wrong about that . According to the coverage I'm getting, you'd think I lived in the Bermuda Triangle or something.


I live between Marshall and Tate County and we pretty much have had no use of our 4G at all during the Holidays. It's usually somewhat slow on the weeknights and weekends, but lately it's been pretty much useless.

This is 12-16-18 and since Friday , it's been so slow you may as well say we've had no use of our 4G at all . This is the slowest I've ever seen it.

I think they are having serious issues with the towers here being over loaded or something. I really don't know, but it's time for me to change providers again.

@T Terry

Yes , Just because they say they have coverage doesn't mean they have "adequate coverage" . Too many users not enough towers and 4G to go around.


ATT 4G really s u c k s that's for sure.. Worst service, worst coverage.. I don't know who they pay to write those fake reviews about how great they are because they absolutely S U C K


They're stealing from people.. What else would you call it when you sell millions of people a service then you intentionally don't provide the product they pay for?


I have one thing to say .. Their coverage sucks.

I have had ATT , Cricket, Sprint, Verizon and about everything else you can think of and A T T coverage is nothing like what their map shows.. You can make calls most of the time but as far as what they call 4 G light, the coverage is minimal in most areas. I don't know why any of them are trying to force their customers over to 4G of any kind as of yet because they quite apparently don't have adequate towers and technology to provide that coverage yet. 3G works much better here and if they would let you swap back and forth on these 4G plans it would be different but they won't.

I too bought the 4G plan based on the map coverage and it shows that there would be great coverage in this area as well but there isn't or as some of the other people state, they throttle it a lot. On the weekends its just a waste of time. You should go back to 3G until you can provide the coverage that you're advertising for 4G because 3G works better than 4G at this point in most rural areas. You simply don't have the ability to provide that coverage yet.

None of you do.

I switched based on your coverage map also , and it's going to be the same way with Verizon now shutting down all of their 3G coverage. Their 4G coverage sucks too.


TheySuckdick here too ... I'm on that 22Gig unlimited plan and it doesn't matter if it'd during the 22G or after the 22G or at the end, most of the time the 4G litesucksDICK .. Big oleDICKSUCKER!


Apparently you aren't the only one that thinks that ... GoogleATT{{Redacted}} ...

There's a WHOLE LOT of people that are saying it. I don't know how they can charge for 4G when you can't use it half of the time. I have to agree with the other people, 3G was better than 4G right now and now they're talking about going to 5G ? how theHELL are they going to do that when they can't even handle 4G ...

Russia and China are BOTH going to beat the USA on 5G .. If they can't get 4G running any better than it is right now, 5G is TOTALLY out of the question.

The only people that will get speeds anywhere close to that for the next 10-20 years will be in the major cities. From the way it seems, we're never going to be able to get adequate 4G out here.


It's the same here. I think they throttle you down so low you can't use it myself.

I can get a good signal at times and then at other times I can't get any signal where I live and much like what you said, I am supposed to be in a higher coverage area. Sometimes I can't get one bar other times I get 3 to 4 bars .. Then suddenly they throttling kicks in and I can barely pull up a page. It's one thing to slow you down but it's another thing entirely to nearly cut off your service for long periods at a time which is exactly what they're doing ..

The tower isn't moving. I'm in the same house so why does it just completely stop working like it does?


I see a big lawsuit in their future because nobody is getting the kind of coverage that they're paying for.


It's the same way here. They pretty much cut it off on the weekends in this area.

Friday evening it gets so slow it takes 30 seconds to a minute to load a page and it stays that way all weekend most of the time with the exception of maybe a couple of hours after midnight.

By around 7-8 am , it starts to get slower and it sorry all day long. It's supposed to be 4G here to but if this is 4G then I want the 3G back


That's what happens here too. They same they "may slow you down in peak times" but here they slow you down on the weekends whether it's 5 p.m.

in the evening or 5 a.m. in the morning. It's really bad.

It gets so slow you can't even check email a lot of times. It's not unlimited when you can't even use it.

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