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24 comments promises consumers a DSL modem rebate of $49.99 with purchase of modem with DSL service on their website. This rebate is still offered on to residential customers as of Jan. 2008. However, it is impossible to get the rebate form for the modem.

My first rebate form request was the end of November 2007, just after setting up my DSL line. I was assured by a customer care agent that I would receive a postcard rebate form in the mail soon. After waiting a week, I contacted customer care again regarding the rebate, I was told the rebate form was shipped with my modem. When I said I never receive the form, I was told again to "wait" for the postcard in the mail. December 2007, I contacted the rebate hotline (877) 258-1427. The rebate "specialist" said that ATT no longer use rebate postcards as of Sept. 2007! Then she offered to send a rebate form in the mail.

As of Jan. 2008 I have yet to receive my rebate form for the modem.

Att should have all rebate forms available for download on their website. However, chooses to rip off consumers by making the rebate process difficult and time consuming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Rebate.

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whenever I call att and get some *** from india I tell them I want to speak to an American in America! And when they won't transfer I ALWAYS answer the survey with a BAD report on the india person.

I like to tell them I don't undestand them and they didn't understand me and that my issue was NOT resolved...hehe

Before you try and tell someone to read you need to learn proper grammar...but thanks for the laugh and for proving that U.S. businesses should only employee Americans in America!


you americans?you are just so *** to not know all this rebates, you are so dumb not to know this things, beacause you dont read, you even call just simply about the bill :grin


$100.00 rebate is the same problem. They sell you the product and then delay and lie about the qualifications for the rebate.

Talked to 13 differant people from ATT and nobody knows or it is not their dept. This outfit should be taken to court for dishonesty and misrepresentation and theft,


When I signed up for ATT dsl, I was told that the modem equipment would be free after rebate. This was early october 2010.

The offer was:(See Below). But when I call up the rebate center, they say that I am not eligible for this offer since I do not have a phone service. So, now ATT is refusing to give the rebate of my $100 wireless gateway modem. Cheats!!

Free Modem/Gateway Offer: Available to new customers purchasing AT&T High Speed Internet Pro or Elite and a modem or wireless gateway. Rebate is $75 for modem or $100 for gateway.


I was also told that the cost of the modem was waived when I signed up for AT&T WiFi. Of course it is on my invoice and I could not get any get it cleared by AT&T online service.

I have placed 2 calls to AT&T and went back to the store once. I could not get any help at the store.

AT&T should do a better job at supervising the stores. Reporting to Attorney General - at least get it on the record.


i signed up for dsl and u verse tv but they never told me i couldn't have u verse for tv and att dsl cause they don't work together so now i have to pay 43 a month for internet with u verse and 60 for tv service. wait it gets better i was told my dsl modem would be free but its not and they have my name wrong in their system and i have called them many of times about this and they are still billing me for service i dont have anymore just got an dsl bill today.


I also was promised a rebate for signing up for DSL elite that never would come. The sales person told me I get a 100 rebate for a 100.00 cost of modem.

So I signedup for the service over the phone.

Then 1 month later no rebate, I called the number for the reward center and they said, sorry no rebate for you because you signedup over the phone not in person at an AT&T store. RIPOFF


I am so sick of dealing with this modem rebate. I've been trying to get it since April 2009.


Hi everyone, I have a great idea for you all, just send a consumer complaint into your states AG, "attorney General". They will try to mediate the problem for you and if they send a letter to you saying they wont cooperate with mediation, your state will back you up in court....So have a good time showing them who is boss...:grin


:p wow, I thought I was the only one not able to get any info about the dsl free modem.. I signed up for everything it said to sign up for and still NO rebate..

No form was sent with the modem either... I call and get a HUGE run around!!


I got my $50 rebate for the modem. Thanks AT&T!

Now where is additional $150 that I was promised by your sales person for signing up for DSL Pro? Oh, wait...he was lying. It's only going to be $100 additional says the next sales rep. Oh, wait...I didn't see any more rebates online in my account so I called and was told I would have a $100 rebate added by a third rep.

I went online and had a $100 credit--Yippie!...but wait...I'd have to sign up for two additional services. Thanks AT&T DSL Prom but I wouldn't get additional services from a company that LIES to me even if you paid me to have them. I will call again and again until I get AT LEAST WHAT IS PROMISED ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Folks, don't believe a word they tell you.

Evidently their corporate policy is to lie to their customers. I am still waiting to hear from their "supervisor" so I can make a formal complaint for the lies I was told by the original sales person--that the only service AT&T offers is $35/mo. I will downgrade my service to the $25/mo and in 10 months I have my $100. Then I'll up grade and maybe get another "rebate"...Hah, hah, HAH!

Thanks AT&T for living up to your reputation of poor customer service. You didn't disappoint!


When we signed up for their DSL service we were also told that we would get the rebate. I couldn't get the service to work correctly, even with their tech support.

I finally gave up and cancelled the service. They ended up charging us for 2 months service and of course the modem.

I called to dispute this charge and over the time period that I fought the charge, it became over due. My wife ended up paying the charge, we never got our rebate, and the *** at AT&T reported a late payment on my credit report.

I would rather use a tin can and a string than ever buy a service from AT&T again.


I have been waiting for the ATT DSL Modem rebate since Nov. 2007.

I have called several times asking for the form they say they will mail to you, which, they say, takes about 4 weeks to reach you. I finally got the form the end of April 2008. Now I am waiting for the check, which they say, will take 4 to 6 weeks to reach me. I paid for the modem through my ATT phone service.

Why can't they give me back the money the same way?

Credit the amount to my phone bill!! Can't wait to find another service.


I too was given the runaround between AT&T Customer Care and AT&T Reward Center. The only way to address this corrupt modem rebate system is to contact the AT&T Chairman and CEO David W. Dorman

One AT&T Way

Bedminster, NJ 07921 and I am contacting the Michigan Attorney General concerning this.


I finally called CARD HOLDER SERVICES 877-847-7213

Oh My GOD!!! I got the rebate in the mail yesterday.. Took only a week after I called this number for it to get here.

This cardholder services is NOT part of AT&T's rewards center...Its the company that issues the cards. Seems they outsource it to this company. Anyone having problems getting their reward CALL THIS NUMBER!!!!


I never got my rebate!


I signed up for DSL service 12/31/08. First they hooked my service up to someone elses phone number.

When I didnt get my modem they had no record of me signing up so I had to do it again.

Had to do the rebate online but get this ,,, tried but their website wasnt working LOLOL... so I had to call to get the rebate. 1st lady said 2 weeks...Called again after 2 weeks and was told 4 weeks,,after not recieving it and various calls the Rewards Center Idiots,, James, Bill, Andrea and some loud woman who blew my ear off the phone,and a superviser named Jenny who said she would call me back but never did, so it became 8-12 weeks, I got lots of its in the mail lies. We mail them out in batches and its just behind, Ill put yours on priority expediting, Was told the card expires in April and then in June, then dosent expire at all then April again.

Then the website started working again and it said it was mailed out in Feb... I never got it. (I hope the poor suckers that got my 1st modem got it). I finally called card holder services 877-847-7213 (I hope that helps someone) which is NOT the rewards center,, Supposadly as of now they are going to issue me a new one. LOLOLOL



I been waiting for a Year!!!!!!! I already called them like zillion times!


I can't believe how come a big company doing those things, I have a problem too with referral program and they offer rebates card, but you are waiting and never get it, that's sucks AT&T, why Cingular work better? the same company.

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