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My issue remains unresolved

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My complain and explanation. Followed by ATT management.

ATT, changes rules/contract any time and any way they wants, customer don't have any other choice then pay.ATT stated that my bill was $79.99 I paid my bill on time, but ATT had a additional charges that no one told me about supposedly (Over data.) $52 since I didn't know of course I didn't pay. So ATT disconnect my service, my son that had the phone was out of town with no way to contact me or what to do all he had was a messages in his phone to pay $52 to have service so he did. ATT charge me disconnecting fee in the next bill, my bill from $79.99 was promise firm to me by ATT was raised up to $153. I called and spend 3 hrs in the phone in 3line with my son and ATT said that the charge was from connecting fees and other services fees from the disconnecting. ATT reports that they corrected everything and due to my inconvenience reducing the bill to $38. After insisting to have confirmation of the new amount I ask the customer services to stay in the line with me and paid $38 to ATT from my online banking in the spot. And I ask the customer services if we are good now to begin with the promised $79.99 next bill he said yes.The following bill, the charges was back to $185, when I called, ATT said that I was charge for the re-connecting fee (back in my bill) and more charges because I paid only $38 of the last bill, and left out an extra $4.00, ATT had to charge late fee on the $4:00 which's why my bill now was $185.So I told them that I am not doing this, to correct my bill for the one month I owe $79.99 and I am disconnecting, and moved to Tmobile. Tmobile's paying the disconnecting fee of 285, my last bill should be $369.99 not 489.52I spoke to Ms. Sloan, she was not helpful, Ms. Sloan was psychologically manipulative uncooperative, and stubborn to not change anything. Of the charges. Customer services in ATT is just ridiculous. They are disrespectful, arrogant, manipulative and will lie to your face without no shame. ATT gives customers, services and contract, customer aren't allowed to dissolved the contract under no circumstances or they will punished the customer. Doesn't matter how is the services customer is happy with or not until maturity of the contract. But ATT can change the contract and give all kind of promises. When customer is lock in the will change and add new charges whatever they want and customer is only choice will be to pay whatever ATT said or see their credit mess up. Something got to change.I had my home phone, internet, with ATT for 17 years before having ATT Wireless if I was not paying bills I don't think I would even qualify for ATT mobile.

AT&T Mobility ("AT&T") is in receipt of the above-referenced customer's complaint and appreciates the opportunity to respond. Fatimata Traore states she was misinformed regarding the monthly charges on her account. She states she attempted to address the issues with AT&T without success. Due to this she cancelled service. She states she has been billed an early termination fee and additional monthly charges. Ms. Traore states the new provider will pay the ETF but, she wants the monthly charges reduced to $79.99. Stephanie Sloan, an AT&T Office of the President Specialist, spoke with Ms. Traore on November 11, 2014. The specialist reviewed the account. Our records indicate service was started on May 21, 2014. The first bill consisted of the activation fee, transfer of service fee and monthly charges totaling $147.19. On May 27, 2014, she contacted AT&T and disputed the activation and transfer of service fee. As a courtesy both were waived. A credit of $56.83 was applied to the account. The June 2014 invoice reflected a past due balance of $90.36 and new charges of $92.72. On June 24, 2014, the account was suspended for non-payment. The same day a payment of $103.81 was received. The account was restored but, was charged a $40.00 restoral fee. On July 18, 2014, another payment of $79.27 was received. The July 2014 invoice reflected new charges of $130.49. This included the monthly charges and restoral fee. On August 21, 2014, a payment of $79.27 was received. On August 25, 2014, the account was suspended for non-payment. A payment was made the same day and services were restored. The August 2014 invoice reflected a past due balance of $51.22 and new charges of $107.65. Payments of $51.22 and $38.35 were received. Also, she spoke with AT&T and received a credit of $34.65 for data overages. The September 2014 invoice reflected a balance of $185.07. This consisted of past due balance, monthly charges and restoral fee. On October 19, 2014, the number was ported to another provider and cancelled. The account was billed the applicable ETF. Therefore the October 2014 invoice reflected a balance of $489.52. The specialist explained the remaining charges are valid and will not be waived. Although the specialist addressed Ms. Traore's concerns she remains unsatisfied. AT&T regrets any inconvenience caused by this matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ATT Cons: Stressful and annoying, Charges, Deceptive policies, Lies, Poor customer service.

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