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I had been an ATT customer for over years. When we recented moved, I called to tranfer and even asked about adding internet and cable service.

Well I received conflicting info every time I called. Even to reach a human being to answer a question could take up to 30 min on hold. One time, just as a reached they accidentally disconnected me and I had to start again. Then I wanted to cancel the order (before it was even activated).

It was next to impossible to do. I sent email to cancel which was ignored. Then I called customer service (after being on hold for 20 min). They said I had to call another number, (which was disconnected).

I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor (another long call). SHe said everything was fixed and I thought it was over. But no, I continue to get bills for service I had cancelled before it was activicated.

They now claim I am still responsible for activation fees (for service I never had). I would like to file a consumer protection complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $121.

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Dear Randall -

I thought I would follow up and share with you my continued experience with your customer service team. Tonight I received a call from a Tom who informed me that they looked into the problem and now have a protocol to correct the problem. Apparently your team ran into a problem when sending the email and instead of calling me they sent it to the original email. He did not apologize for the problem and when I asked how does this help me? He had no solution. He them became frustrated because I voiced my concerns with someone calling me from a company that screwed up and had no solution. Thank you but no thank you. This is incredible that this is the continued experience I have with your company. Your company screws up and apparently does not care about your loyal customers. This is extremely disappointing that this is how your customer service team approaches a problem.

Original Message:

Dear Randall -

I am an extremely unsatisfied customer due to the lack of customer service your company provides! I decided to purchase my husband an I4 S phone for Christmas. Before doing so I wanted to confirm that I could purchase it without him finding out. I called your company last week and sat on hold for 10+ minutes before getting a sales rep. I spent time with them and we covered the following three areas:

First, that I could have it shipped to my in laws versus my address. This was because my husband is home first and he would receive the delivery. They said it is okay to mail to their home address versus mine.

Second, they confirmed that I could change the email address that the confirmation would be sent to. His email address is on file because we had to use him as the main person to use his government employee benefits.

Third, they confirmed that there would be a charge on our bill that they could not change.

So we concluded I call back on the 21st to purchase the phone because that would be the start of the new billing cycle and it would not come till after Christmas.

I called back yesterday and sat on hold for 7+ minutes before talking with a sales rep. We went through the whole order and I confirmed the above. I was then informed that your sales rep I talked to the previous week misinformed me and that I could only have the phone sent to a business or the address on the account. Though I was not happy with this because my in law's house is a much safer place for a delivery than my place of business. We completed the order and I CONFIRMED MULTIPLE TIMES about the email address and delivery address.

To my surprise my husband just got the email with the confirmation. Now he knows thanks to your company's incompetence and lack of customer service.

I was concerned using your service again because I left your company many years back because of your lack of customer service. It is unbelievable how some things never change.

As soon as my contract is up I will be heading back to Verizon since the only reason we left was because of the I phone. I would have called your company but I just rang them and once again it was a 10+ minute wait.

I have never sat on hold as much with any company even near the holidays, as I do with your company to only get poor customer service and miss information. Thanks to social media I will be able to share my experience quickly with many others.


It took me 6 hours on the phone over a two day span to order internet service. Only to have the order canceled by AT&T which no one can answer why.

Two weeks later I finally get my modem and the instructions indicate that I have to wait until after 8pm to activate. Of course it doesn't work. I am then on the phone for 4 hours with tech support who tells me I have to call customer serivice the next day. Afer that painful experience in August 2011, my service get's canceled on 11/8/11 without my knowledge.

It took two days for AT&T to figure out that a business canceled my personal internet account. And now, I have to wait 7-10 business days to get a new account.

And get this, I have to purchase another $100 modem!!! AT&T is the WORST ever!!!


Hi, can you send me an email with your name and a contact number?

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