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I had my newly upgraded iPhone 6 stolen on February 7th, 2015 and I suspended my device immediately. The phone was surely locked with password while it was stolen. I went to AT&T store and Apple store and took all the steps that I could do in the situation, fully followed the representatives' instructions. I wasn't able to locate the phone because the thief shut off the phone. I requested to erase my phone but the request got pending for two months, because the phone wasn't in wi-fi environment. I reported it stolen and ATT people said it should be on blacklist and anyone wouldn't be able to use it.

However, on Feb 14th, my iMessage received unexpected texts. I could see the texts between the thief and another unknown person because he was using my iCould account, which means he passed through the password and got access to my iPhone. In the texts, the thief was bragging that he stealed an iPhone 6 and he was at an AT&T store to do things. Notice that, he started to be able to use my iPhone to send text at the moment he arrived ATT store! What can I assume then? Who else can help him at ATT store to get access to an locked phone?

I went to an AT&T store immediately to ask why he was able to get help at AT&T store and got access to my iPhone meanwhile, and why can he keep using my phone after I report the stolen. The representatives were not helpful at all and denied the possibility for them to help a costumer to unlock a phone. I'm 100% sure that I don't know the thief and he didn't know the password. My lock screen even appeared a clear photo of me, which I think anyone would notice the difference.

I called costumer service to confirm it's on the blacklist multiple times. It was reported stolen in Feb. However, on the record, my iPhone 6 was reactivated on April 23th and on that day, the request of erasing the phone finally got through. So the thief has already reactivated my stolen phone while I am still paying the bill. I am extremely terrified by the fact that he/she could be able to reactivate the device without my authorization. I was told only the person who has my account information/personal information can reactivate the device. That can be considered a fraud. OR there's another way to explain it:

One of the representatives I spoke to told me that: from the IMEI number recorded, she thought the phone was reported a stolen phone back in 2014, which means the phone was on blacklist back in 2014 before I purchased it. However, I purchased the phone from an AT&T store as an upgrade alternative. She told me that may explain why I couldn't get the phone onto blacklist and why other people can also reactivate the phone. It's because I am NOT the initial owner of the phone. If that's true, I have to ask, why employee at AT&T sold a stolen phone to me? How many other people like me got stolen phones from AT&T?

That's not even the whole story. I realized yesterday (June 1st) that the device has insurance since last October. I went to AT&T store to report the theft and tried to find replacement many times but nobody had ever told me that I have insurance on that device. Certainly nobody told me at the beginning when I purchased the phone combining the insurance. It appears on the bill that I got the insurance along with the upgrade. I am not the primary account holder and wasn't paying attention to every bill that I paid. But I still have the right to know the insurance status in the first place. I called again to costumer service and got terrible attitude and an answer like this: "The insurance charges appeared on monthly bils so it's not our fault that you don't read the bill. If you have complaint of the agent who sold you phone in the store, provide his name and his manager's name, otherwise we cannot help. You don't have any names? GOOD. Even you have it, they probably are not working at AT&T anymore. There's nothing more we can do to help." Those are the words she used in the phone interview.

I called the insurance company yesterday, of course they said it's too late to file a claim because the phone was stolen 5 months ago. They only accept claim within 60 days. They didn't care what do I think about AT&T and told me that's AT&T's responsibility.

I think AT&T definitely has responsibility for the costumer service behavior as well as the guy who sold me the phone and hidden the insurance information. The insurance feels like a fraud to me. With hours and hours of calls, I NEVER got any straight answer from AT&T's response for months. What I got is only confusion and anger.

1. Suspicious: They sold stolen phone to customer for upgrade.

2. Suspicious: They helped thief to unlocked iPhone!

3. Violation: They hided the insurance charge information and didn't inform me neither when I was purchasing the phone nor when I was reporting and finding replacement for the stolen phone.

4. Violation: They reactivate my stolen phone for the thief without my authorization.


After all this questioning, it's difficult and ridiculous for me to keep paying the bill for the stolen device and the insurance. I will definitely cancel the service and wouldn't recommend anyone to use AT&T and the Asurion insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

ATT Cons: Being given wrong information, Customer service, False promises, Entire company, Insurance fraud.

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I can't take this seriously due to the amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this. "Got pending," "stealed," "arrived ATT store," "costomer," - seriously, it's spelled like that numerous times - and "hided." Seriously, learn to spell before trying to complain on the Internet. It ruins your credibility.


It doesn't sound like your phone was "locked"; that usually means locked for use on one carrier, and unlocking can pretty much only be done by the account owner. It can also not be done in store.

It sounds like you're talking about the lock screen to get into the phone.

There is no way for AT&T to do anything about the lock screen. If a phone has a password, the only way around it is signing in with your Apple ID, which presumably you did not give to the AT&T store.

Now, it does sound like you expected the customer service to put the phone on the stolen device block list. Some reps do not understand that this involves an additional step after suspending the phone, and it sounds like that is what happened here.

It sounds like the pushback you got from customer service was because you were talking about unlocking the phone, and in the industry that usually means unlocking for use on a different carrier. That was not what the thief did, and so they were right - they didn't help unlock the phone.

Regarding your theory of the phone being reported stolen previously: This is highly unlikely.

It's much more likely a combination of the agent misreading information on the computer screen and then telling you what she thought you wanted to hear.

Regarding the insurance, you may still be able to get Asurion insurance to agree to do a replacement. You will need to request a supervisor (at Asurion, remember that while the insurance charge is on the AT&T bill, it is a separate company that does the insurance). You'll also need some luck to get one who feels bad for you. It wouldn't hurt if you could do a conference call with an AT&T rep who is willing to say that AT&T messed up and did not inform you of the insurance.

I have personally been able to get them to extend that period by a month or two. 1. Extremely unlikely. More likely, the rep who told you this was pulling information out of thin air and/or misreading information.

2. Flat out impossible. If you either did not have a password, or the thief was able to bypass it (which should also be impossible), presuming it is not blacklisted, they would treat it as they would any other phone. If it is blacklisted, then the phone would not work.

3. The insurance information was not hidden from you in any way, except perhaps by the account holder. However, they did not do what most would expect their full duty to be in terms of customer service, and inform you of all of your options. This is not any kind of "violation," at least not in any official sense of the word, but it is good reason to be upset.

4. They did reactivate the phone, but if the person who was supposed to blacklist the phone did not, and only instead suspended service on the line, there is no way for the store employee or the automated system to tell that it has been stolen. Again, this is not any sort of "violation," but it does mean that you experienced bad customer service. 5.

This is the sum of your issue - you got awful customer service. Claiming impossible scenarios and asserting that AT&T is violating (what? terms of service? I don't know) something is ridiculous, but you do have a legitimate gripe in that AT&T customer service has consistently misinformed you, not done as requested, not done as they have promised, and neglected to tell you important information.

This has caused major issues that will affect affect you financially. If you are able to get a complaint in to anyone at AT&T who has any power (read: not customer service, but in the corporate structure) then you may actually get some sort of resolution.

I'd recommend calling customer service and having them search for "written correspondence." Have them give you that address and write a letter WITHOUT the conspiracy theories. You can also find info on filing a complaint to be handled by an arbitrator at:

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