Forest Park, Illinois
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Yesterday I called ATT to inform them that they left open a wiring box on the street in front of my house. It's one of those iron boxes on the street that contains all the wiring that goes into our apartment building.

Some maintenance guy must have left it open. There are several issues with this:

- Currently it's raining, and the box is exposed

- anyone can mess up the wiring

- anyone can access all information going through the wires

Even though nothing is wrong with my own ATT services, I thought I'd be friendly and help ATT, so I called the customer service to inform them about their mistake.

- I wait on hold for a while (as always)

- I talk to the lady from customer service

- She gets a supervisor involved

- Long story short, after a while she tells me that I'm talking to the wrong department. If I could please call another phone number.

- I am pissed off and politely explain to her that I am calling to help, that this is ATT's issue.

- She again tells me to call the other phone nr

- I tell her this is quite rude, I'm just trying to help them out. I tell her it's ATT's responsibility to fix this, politely ask her if she can follow up, and end the conversation.

The wiring box has been unlocked and wide open for 4 consecutive days now. Let's see when they come fix it. I'll keep taking pictures of it and publishing them on facebook until they do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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I've sent you an email Mike. Thanks for the follow up.


Hi Fixitplease, I'm with AT&T and would be happy to help you with this. Please email me at with the address of this open box.

Please include a callback number. Thank you.

Mike A. AT&T Customer Care.

John N

Go to AT&T website and then to their "contact us" link and send them an email. Be very brief telling them what's up and where and asking them to forward this info to the proper people within AT&T.

Also tell them you called their phone customer service and they basically told you they didn't really care. Then forget about it.

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