Att Internet Installation Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Advertised vs Delivered
In considering an update of my ATT services (Uverse was recently installed in our neighborhood) I called ATT for quotes on various bundles. Since their pricing structure is ridiculously complex, I called multiple times in a futile attempt to get a consistent quote. Every time I called for a quote, I received an email titled "AT&T ORDER CONFIRMATION: New Service Established." I never once actually placed an order so replied with a cancellation...
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on one day and internet 5 days later although not discussed in original order. Not a good idea since I was transferring service. I called to resolve the issue and the next rep told me both would be installed the same day, but we went another week out, then she didn't cancel the original internet install or reschedule it. ATT internet rep showed up at my home, somewhat put out, didn't realize customer was supposed to handle their scheduling?...
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I liked
  • Direct tv tech
I didn't like
  • Any other part of this experience
However, I was informed there would be an early termination fee for DirecTv so I decided to just go with internet service. Come day of installation, tech told me he couldn't install because the wires weren't outside yet. I'd have to wait to be contacted. So I had to call comcast and cancel disconnection of internet (everyone know how long that can take right). Then about a week later I see my neighbor is getting U-verse installed so I called...
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I didn't like
  • No one is in sync in regards to information
  • Dishonorable
  • Long wait times
I had the worst service dealing with AT&T they were supposed to come and install internet in my home today the technician said he ran into some trouble and had to call Construction but he never returned or called me to let me know what was going on I called AT&T customer service and they transferred me 14 times one of those times to a foreign language line then they transfer me to DirecTV when I demanded to speak to a manager they put me on hold...
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I scheduled a time and date for an AT&T technician to come and install internet to my home. I waited two weeks for this because that's when my date was and after the day finally came my technician never showed up! I even called a hour prior to the time he was suppose to show up and they told me they would be here! After calling a second time ten minutes after they were suppose to show, I was told they would eventually show up and I should just...
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I didn't like
  • Dislike att
  • Complexity