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status:Consumer Rebuttal to Business Response     (More)Case Description:A payment was withdrawn from my account on the wrong day asked a supervisor to refund that payment and she refunded every payment on my account.

On 5 Feb my partner called and made a payment to reconnect her services but she used the wrong cvc code on the back and the payment was declined. After calling the bank they advised me that the payment didn't go through and the payment I tried to make will be back in our account by COB. I called back about 20 minutes later and spoke with an actual person to make the payment to reconnect our services and set s payment arrange for 15 Feb.after making the payment and setting up the payment arrangement I asked the rep to take my account off of auto pay because it kept getting put on my account and I couldn't take it off using the app. The rep confirmed 3 times that the payment arrangement was set for the 15th and that auto pay was taken off of our account. On 9 Feb I noticed an additional payment was taken out of my account. I called back in to see why the payment was taken out and the rep told me that my account was set up for auto pay. After explaining the situation to him he reversed the payment, took my account off of auto pay and correctly set the payment arrangement up. I called back the next day to see how long it would take for the payment to be put back in my account because I was out if town(military duty) and that the payment that was taken out of my account was all the money I had to live off until next payday. He advised me that he didn't know and transferred me to a supervisor named Ellen (she refused to give me her last name). After trying to explain the situation to her she kept telling me that she didn't see any payments and then she placed me on hold and reversed all payments that were made on my account after I told her several times that the 5 FEB payment should stay on the account because that payment reconnected my service. She told me oh well and asked if there was anything else she could do. I've been calling att since it happened and I've even talked a manager and still no one will help me. They don't care that I now have a $408.00 bill because of THEIR errors! I even expressed to the manager that by my services being disconnected my spouse can't go to work because she works from home and needs the Internet so she can work. No one has done anything not even apologied. The reps and supervisors are so freaking rude.

After filing a complaint with BBB someone from AT&T executive office called to resolve the issue the first person I spoke with told me to basically pay the bill which is now $400 and the problem would be resolved. I told her if it was my fault I would pay it but since it's their fault the should do something about it she told me that was all she could do so I asked to speak with her supervisor. Dennis Porter(supervisor) called me back and basically told me they would eat the reconnection fee from the 1st time my services were disconnected. I advised him that I would pay it since it was disconneced the 1st time on my part. He then told me he would waive $80 and I had to pay the rest which I declined because if their reps would listen and stop being so rude to customers then MAYBE I wouldn't be in this situation. He then told me that if I don't pay my services would be cancelled and the balance that ATT created would be on my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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ATT presidents office CE " Belva Davis " as a Key game player , must be included into the malice case.


ATT case 2 years in the working..4-5-2016

Dennis Porter (supervisor)

ATT missing agent they said say they dont have!!! liers!!!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


FRAUD ADDRESS- ATT sent me US mail==== Collection Manager Specialist Executive Dennis Porter PO box 489 Montebello, CA 90640 /// there is not such building as it was vacated 60 years back ATT will not comment on there bad pres office Malice work and bogus address =============== ATT Circus Investigaton (started 2011) Summery of: 6-1-2015 att called , and I confermed the complaint, ATT IS BANDED FROM CALLING OR USEING THIS PHONE LINE, I PAY FOR and I AM THE SOLE ADMIN, ATT is in denial and want to agrue issues and became abuseve on the phone to include lang, att long history of abused of there phone privalages on my dime, and have a long track record of malice. *there mear harrasment calls has done nothing to / for the situation, fake progression. they have been warrened for over 15yrs to use USA official mail, for "clear transparent corespondance". payment sent went to att executive office as they where dealing with the billing issues and customer service issues (re: nobody at billing to answer the phone,waste time with tic tac toe bot to say... wait times are 16 hours) .Later had climbed about 4 levels of complaints that have been thrown in the trash by att personal in the same letters the checks are sent in to pay the bill. you get payment you get the complaint. but yet att can not answer for throwing complaints and payments in the trash for 4 yrs. registered and certified mail will show exhibit(s) as evidence. ======================= month of 6-1-2015 1. I contacted Consumer Affairs on a "a ATT turn off notice" and gave them this stated Amazaing Malice story of ATT. is also givin on this form. 3. Consumer Affairs contact ATT , And they arbitrated for me ( for i am tried of ATTs harasment to me) , on my checks that went sent USPS Registered Certified mail to SF CA, att stated they had they ck's and they need to go to Carol Steam Ill. So I said have ATT, mail or send them internally to there proper office of there choice. ATT said they where keeping the legal docs, ck's, In SF, CA. and not forwarding them. ( MALICE stolen checks "FED DOCs" by ATT, and not returned) ATT has payment but don't apply it, Malice! ATT stated a payment of the the 2 ck's and curent charges where $91. payable credit card online , local ATT store. but these where FRAUD, as ATT could not get them to work. ATT could not get there OWN payment systems working, none worked, Total MALICE. a ck was sent and cashed by ATT for full payment of the 2 stolen ck's by ATT "and" curent charges of $92 , but ATT said ther never got the ck , but BANK copys said they cashed it on the 6-30-2015 , 21 days back! they did not apply it to the account right, and or on time, to accrue more MALICE fees, because they will not apply the payments and or on time. RICO law - FED Disability Discrimination ACTs Restitution - for ATT 3yr Malice Parkers legal fees and or work product - on the case of ATT malice is about $600 as of 7-1-15 ( Registerd Cirt USPS mailings fees, copys , computer fees, replacment checks, etc) III. ============================= ATT stated a payment of the the 2 ck's and current charges where $91.===========SENT $92 , but ATT said they never got the ck , but BANK copys said they cashed it on the 6-30-2015 , 21 days back!,,, now 30 days.===========MAKE the Customer service number and address on my bill work, there MIA AWOL , missing in action, absent without leave for 3 years!!!! Account No. 559-xxxxxxxx DO NOT HAVE ATT CALL ME- HARASMENT THEY BEEN BANDED ================== 7-21-2015 issue # 1 No Correct Bill for *june, *july, *aug, att slams one statement only! itemized list for every bill is Warranted! DO NOT COMPILE INFO! -MAKE SURE THE VALUES ARE CORRECT -MAKE SURE YOU ADJUST - Malice $25 disconect charge who ordered this, Iv allways payed on time the full amount. 100% quality control, unlike ATT 0% quality control for 4 yrs. DID ATT SF CA. Office STEAL FED BANKing checks again! Several! -MAKE SURE YOU ADJUST - NO DIAL TONE , make sure you have dial tone at new address, wait 7 days disconect old, NO DIAL TONE 21 DAYS, ATT FAILED 21 TIMES as they where fixing it daily having me stay home, att played phone *** return calls games in the process, until 1 day a ATT guy knocks on the door, and 2 mins puts 2 screws in back of the jack, i said where you been for 21 days repairing this every day! has no answer , ATT LACKS ANY QUALITY CONTROL at other peoples expences. -MAKE SURE YOU ADJUST - LACK OF SERVICE att customer service phone numbers and address listed on bill that are invalid for 4 yrs. *see list of bad att numbers! *see correspondence with govt agencies re complaint's ATT states if it my equip, its 89$ and hr , but it was a ATT equip junction box wiring bug, as I am not allowed to have my repair guy touch) , so where seeking back charges to ATT of 21 days (8am-5pm) x 89$ hr. issue #1.5 , 611 wont answer there phones, wait times longer then 20 mins..... issue #2 800-288-2020 number dont work , 16 hrs 35 mins and counting , if somebody answers they will not address your issues, and want to sell spam, if they can not they drop the call, MALICE issue #3 ATT does not have a CEO rep to answer for atts reps Malice activities , no valid contact info, no valid working number.......on Bill *See list of ATT Malice numbers issue #4 ATT website contact info, circle *** catch 22 re: , no way to contact any body , no help , it dont work , chat ATT chat dose not work, it REQUIRES Special *Codes, *Email, *Computer /*NOT FOR Pubilc Access. issue #5 year issue improper billing Local Tolls not being informed of, illegal hidden charges not approved of , no notice, . issue #6 legal Invetigation Fees Restitution for ATT MALICE - about $650 june2015 and accumulating #6 B. Add - ATT states if it my equip, its 89$ and hr , but it was a ATT equip junction box wiring bug, as I am not allowed to have my repair guy touch) , so where seeking back charges to ATT of 21 days (8am-5pm) x 89$ hr. =========== Address as of 7-2015 xxxxxxxxxxx Clovis, CA 93612 559-297-xxxx =========== xxxxxxx Clovis, CA 93612 559-292-xxxx ---------- 10-10-2015 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015 and no info to complaint. MIA AWOL ATT "Belva Davis" "Dennis Porter" ----------- 1-10-2015 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015 ----------- 12-10-2015 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015 ----------- 1-10-2016 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015 ----------- 2-10-2016 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015 ----------- 3-10-2016 still no correct accurate bill since june 2015

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