Lawrence, Kansas

AT&T Uverse

Service itself is not bad. Watch for the price to soar after 12 months. I called them on it and you have to play their little "game" which is pathetic. They tell you you don't qualify for any new promotions so the price goes up and there's nothing they can do. You say something like: "I'm going to call the cable company to setup service with them", THEN they connect you with their "Customer Retention Dept.". They basically tell you all they can do is adjust your price to only increase 30 dollars a month. Really? For the exact same service? Yet anyone NEW can call and they get a nice cheap rate until the 12 months comes due. If you've been with them awhile you pretty much get kicked to the side and gouged on price.

Watch out for their 12 month "commitment".

They tell you very little of this when you sign up with them. I was told if I wait till after March 5th to cancel my service I'd avoid an early termination fee.

So, I called on March 9th to disconnect since I had the cable Co set me all up one day before. NOW the commitment date wasn't up until April 17th and I was getting a 180 dollar early termination fee. What do you say about a company that won't honor what their own representative told you just days earlier? Needless to say, PISSED AND FRUSTRATED.

To me I think AT&T is TOO BIG and TOO CORPORATE. They just don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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