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My husband and I have been customers of AT&T for about 5 years. Within the past few months, we have had so much trouble with them it isn't even funny.

The first incident happened a few months ago. My husband emailed me (he's deployed) and asked me to call ATT to see why almost $500 had been charged to our card. I did, and they said I had gone over my minutes, and gave me some story. I knew it wasn't possible, because we had a 1400 minute plan (we suspended his phone but we still had the 1400 minutes), I don't really talk on the phone, and I have unlimited text. They said that we only had a 450 minute plan. I got upset and told them that wasn't possible, my husband and I had 1400 minutes and we had put his phone on military suspension but had NOT changed the minutes, but they wouldn't really help me at all. I was on the phone forever. I emailed my husband about it and he had to call them and straighten it out bc they wouldn't help me. They ended up crediting the account and changing us back to the 1400 minutes.

Second Incident-they overcharged us a couple hundred. I again called in to ask what the *** was going on, they gave me the same *** about overages, but this time I was able to fix it (they said I only had 900 instead of 1400, doesn't make sense.), and also signed up for that A-list thing. I asked to have the charges credited back to my husband's card, but they said they could only send us a check. Um, how would that work? My husband is deployed, he can't sign it! I explained that to them and they didn't seem to understand what a deployment is. They asked couldn't he just come sign it? Yeah...seriously. So they ended crediting it all back to his card,including the previous overcharge.

Most recent-I checked our bill online and it said $216. Normally, it's only supposed to be about $115. I called in to check on it and spoke to some woman who mumbled and didn't know what the *** she was talking about and kept putting me on hold. I got nowhere with her, so I hung up. I called back a little later and the man who took my call was very polite, and explained the charges to me, which were BS and shouldn't have been on there, some services I hadn't even signed up for. He took them off, luckily before the money was taken from the account.

When my husband comes home, we are ending our service with AT&T for sure. This is just ridiculous that my husband and I have to go through this *** with them, especially this many times, AND while he's been deployed. I am very disappointed and pissed.

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A few years back, I moved across town and got a new telephone number with Qwest. Shortly after that, AT&T somehow got into my bank account and made an "automatic" withdrawal of $248.

I had never had an AT&T account!

It took endless hours of excruciatingly frustrating and unproductive phone calls and letters before I finally discovered that the number I had gotten had formerly belonged to a military man on deployment and they had been charging me with his calls home.

It took me two more long calls to resolve the situation; I had to open an account with the bums, then wait a month-plus for them to refund their plunder. No apology, no compensation for the distress, the raid into my checking account, nor the 3-month loan I unwillingly made to them.

But I'll bet they take very good care of their government protectors!

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