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DATE/TIME: 2015-08-16 15:49:04

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AT&T : Thank you for using AT&T Chat Services. May I please have your name and reason for your chat?

Me : My name is Alexander and I have billing question

AT&T : Thank you for using AT&T Chat Services. It will be my pleasure to assist you today.

AT&T : I understand that you have some questions regarding the billing. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have

Me : I just found out that I was charged late $5 fee for nothing. I am enrolled in automatic payment system and I have no idea why your system didn't charge my credit card on Aug 3

AT&T : I would be happy to check up on that for you.

AT&T : Please give me a minute or two to review your account.

Me : Sure. take your time

AT&T : I am showing that the bill due date for the account is on the 25th. The payment would have drafted two days before this date. Did you enroll the account in auto pay last month

Me : I've enrolled more than a year ago

Me : I've just reenrolled today using the same credit card, because I don't understand why your system didn't charge it

Me : Do you see that I have past due amount?

AT&T : I am showing that the account is still enrolled in the auto pay however the account is not showing that the payment was backed out or returned. It is showing that the account didn't process the payment. I do show that this is the first time the account has been on auto pay for a while and the account has stayed current. If you wish we can process the payment for the past due and as a one time courtesy we can remove the late fee.

Me : I didn't get what do you mean by "I do show that this is the first time the account has been on auto pay for a while " and I don't any one time courtesy, because it's ATT mistake

AT&T : I show that the account has been on auto pay and the first time a payment didn't process. my apologize for the typo.

Me : So why it's one time courtesy. If your system will make the same mistake later then I'm going to be charged late fee again? That's ridiculous

AT&T : I am showing that the account was de-enrolled on the date of the 05/21/2015.

Me : Who did it? I didn't

AT&T : I am showing that it was voluntary. That is why the payments did not go through.

AT&T : Are you available to continue?

AT&T : It appears that you are busy at this time and not able to continue this session. I apologize for any inconvenience but due to a lack of response I will need to end the Chat session. When you are available, please feel free to chat again.

Me : I don't understand how this could've happened. On May 21 I've paid part of the bill with another

AT&T : I am showing that on the 21st there was a payment made to the account as well as notation of auto pay being removed

Me : credit card, but I've never unenrolled from autopay

AT&T : I understand that it might be frustrating to see that the auto pay was removed. The only way that auto pay is removed is if it is manually taken off, or the card expires. I am showing that it was removed manually which would prevent us from removing the late fee

Me : I didn't remove it!!!!

AT&T : I do apologize. It is what the system shows

Me : I was a loyal ATT customer for 6 years already. This is the first problem I've encountered and it wasn't my fault and I'm being treated like sh..t

Me : My contract expires in October xxxx and I'm going to be treated this way I'll switch to Verizon. For me it's matter of principle, not money

AT&T : I am sorry to here that you wish to discontinue service with us

Me : So what? You are not going to give me $5 credit

Me : You want to loose customer for $5?

AT&T : I do apologize. As the system shows that the account was de-enrolled this late fee would be a valid charge preventing us from removing

AT&T : removing it

Me : Ok, I see. I'll send this conversation to ATT management to show how the customer service is working and post it online for everybody to see. This is absolutely ridiculous how you treat long term loyal customers.

AT&T : I do apologize that we are unable to assist on this fee. Do you have any other questions or concerns I may assist you with today?

Me : I hope you realize that I'm not going to lose a night sleep, because of this $5 late fee, but *** me off is a complete ignorance

AT&T : I do apologize. I have reviewed the account and it shows this charge as valid. If there is nothing else that I may assist you with today. I will be ending the chat.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have to say that you are an ***. I have been an ATT customer for since 1998.

Don't try to blame ATT for your errors and mistakes. The bills clearly say the amount that you own and the date the funds are going to be charged if you are enrolled in autopay. I think is because of people like you that all the honest customer have a hard time when they really have an error on their account to be taken seriously.

ATT is a business and not a charity to which you agreed to their terms and policies once you accepted the contract. stop actin like a child and expect that you deserve whatever you want.

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