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Due to AT&T (uverse) continously increase my lifeline- landline monthly- charge customer Service - could care less. My lifeline for low income disabled went to $81.

From the cost of $10.00 and my internet was already pricey at $51.00 - so i disconected my only phone - it took four phone calls, people laughing at me from At&t - at&t put me on speaker. At&t offered me a package $89.00 but mislead me "total cost will be $190". Because i had to buy cell phone service & there was an additional cost. I was not told this except after i asked 4 + times saying no hidden fees or cost , NO!

At&t rep answered. (Not honest)

(lifeline,ADA) i called 4 times to cancel at&t phone service. Each time was told "phone service canceled" NOT! This went on Again, again,again.

Till now i just have at&t internet at $51.00 and I just got a letter from At&t: will be charging more for my $51. Wifi! can be charge up to $100.00 a month more for wifi- making it $151.00 for wifi 15% of my income. Already do without phone, television and looks like no computer, tablet either.


PLEASE ENJOY YOUR BONUS! You worked really hard at the expense of many to get it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Lifeline Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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All I can say is Im sorry AT&T is a terrible excuse for a company. I have had horrible cell phone customer service experiences.

I found there are thousands of people willing to testify on their poor cell phone customer service and their horrific cell phone service. I would recommend you Complain to the FCC for their poor service.

Its easy to do.

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