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I called ATT and was told to disregard the bill and I would receive corrected bill. Two weeks after that, I received bill by email for $195. I then called Customer Service and after being transferred four times, I was told that they show that the cell phone had been returned but not the tablet and because I bought them at Best Buy, I would have to have them contact the company and let them know that I returned the tablet before I can get credit.
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After 2 store visits (5 hours) & 2-1/2 hours on phone with various departments, issue not resolved (although they admit fault) & forced to change number that I had for almost 20 years. Their Customer Relations department tried to work things out, but was cut off every time a transfer was made & had to retell story - 8 times total in 2 days. Sorry excuse for a supposedly customer-oriented organization. I only wish leaving them for another company would have more of a financial impact. Maybe my complaint to the FCC will get some att...
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I didn't like
  • Treated like dirt after so much loyalty
  • Condescending attitude
  • Fake empathy
The AT&T sales sold me $80 a month with 2gig data, free telephone and texting. They included a 'free' tablet which would 'share' the 2g data. I was not told about a $45 activation fee for the tablet. I was not told i was authorizing a 2 year contract at $10 a month in order to use the tablet. I was not informed i had two weeks to change my mind about the tablet. As soon as i saw the billing information on the tablet, i called and told them i...
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We've had cell service w/ AT&T for 6 years with no issues until NOW!!We needed to lower our cell bill due to a job lost and they offer no help for long time users only new customers! Ugh, really!?!? We own our phones so we decided to switch cell service and they even make that a hassle!!! Ugh so disappointed with them! They even made it a pain to get a phone off our line so they could start their own plan. Here we are waiting for AT&T to unlock...
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Now I get a bill of 200 after I was quoted 164 (including phone install for the one phone) Now somehow they added $3 mobile protection plan without my consent and also said that I have to make installments on the 2nd phone until the credits get posted which can take 2-3 months. I was NEVER informed about this and I am applauded by the way AT&T handled this whole thing. I was even charged $20 for each upgrade and $30 activation fee, neither of...
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Yes I also get drop calls at&t say the has 4gigabytes thats a lie.I get dropped calls all the time expecially at wrong times . I had an emergency and could not use my phone and you are supposed to use it no matter what in an emergency. What kind of stuff is that. I have a child with autism and need to be contacted at any given time and could not. I have been with AT&T for numerous of years. I felt like throwing my phone that day because the...
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I cancelled mobile service after 5+ years in mid March 2016. It took about 10 days to unlock phone after cancellation. At the same time, ATT improperly charged me an early termination fee of $270, then charged my card, without permission, for an additional $330 and gave the credit to other customers. It took over a month to clear the $270 charge. Fortunately, Wells Fargo fraud department is crediting me for the $330 unauthorized charges. If...
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Sprint, T Mobile, or a local smaller carrier...but these are the worst! I have asked for work outs, I "OWN" an iPhone free and clear...they refuse to give me the unlock code. They've retaliated in shutting off service, sending messaging to a third (unknown party...then "fixing it remotely from the international office...turning around and blaming the customer). I've been through the BBB and here, next step is file a report with my states...
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I liked
  • Varies from helpful to rude
I didn't like
  • When told something then it should be the truth
  • Promises from one area not upheld in another
After was able to get one, and used it about 3 months, then 2 days now been trying to ask for a replacement as att employees have lied to me after saying they had put the order thru and found out they were lying to me as a consumer. I tried to get the order number and was able to get that but then found out they wanted about $147 when the phone was about $48 Less when I purchases it. So now they told me that they were going send another as a...
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With my daughter in tow we went to our local ATT store, my wife couldn't make it so she would have to get her phone later. I recognized the same woman that handled our phones two years prior. We decided on our new phones. I was asked which plan I wanted to be on. I asked what is the difference, she went on to tell me that the newest plan they have would save me money over my current two year upgrade plan. She also went on to tell me that the...
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I didn't like
  • I was mislead