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Do Not USE AT&T!I have been a AT&T cell phone service user for 9 years, a couple years ago we decided to try the U Verse. It didn't work half the time so we switched to another cable service. I never received a notice as to what to do with the equipment. Finally I called them and they instructed me how to return them. Yesterday I was looking at my credit report only to see they have turned over a balance to a credit reporting company for $656.79...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of honesty
We are Canadian snowbirds and setup our prepaid directly billed to credit card US cellphone with this bad company, AT&T.Traveling thru Nevada on our way home, we had no service for over 24 hours. Called to complain and were given a $20 credit. Great, no problem. Yeah right. Called to cancel our cellphone service today. No problem. We're told to call a separate number to request our credit be returned to our credit card. Problem. The customer...
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I didn't like
  • Deceptiv
  • No help of any kind
  • Being told one thing
With my cellular phone provider I get 6GB of data per month.If I go over that I get charged $15 for an additional GB. That sounds okay, I can deal with that. However, I am sitting here right now with two hours left on my billing cycle and I just got told that I went over so they automatically added another GB of data for another $15. The problem is that this data that I pay for now, for 2 hours use, does not roll over. If I pay for it, I should...
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