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Despite multiple request to ATT to avoid billing me for services I do not want, I do not need, I did no request, this group of robbers continue attempting sending monthly invoices with internet services different than I request. I wonder if anyone at ATT is smart enough to put a stop to this practice of overbilling for services not requeste and robbing consumers' time making calls to correct the mistakes those inecrupulous employees/robbers attempt systematically.

The latest is the use of Digital Service Group (OAN) for webhosting set up fee.

Another battle to prevent 57.43 being robbed. Please STOP ATT ROBBING US CONSUMERS that cannot change company for the lack competitors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $5743.

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These pigs are horrible scammers. They talk so fast on the phone.

Speak with accents so you do not know what they are saying and attempt to scam you out of $49.95/month with some BS internet listing. Stay FAR Away from and ban 877-250-5436 on your phone.


Att solicited me for a bundle package, phone, direct tv, and internet for 120/month, my first bill was 220, which i got lowered to 129, just got my second bill and it is 240. These guys are crooks, is there any service out there that can help??


Crammed by TotalTelMedia aka Digital SVC group billing thru OAN. When they called, we specifically said no and asked to be taken off their calling list.

Next month, OAN, a 3rd party billing service, billed our ATT for $52.84. They just took the name off court records - name of the property owner. They refuse to credit (reverse charges) or stop the billing thru OAN. OAN further obfuscates matter by claiming no knowledge of 3rd party and avows all responsibility.

Even though we have repeatedly asked ATT to not allow 3rd party billing, they keep letting these thru annually. You cannot complain thru BBB or Consumer Affairs since these are not licensed professionals. Just very professional extortionist crammers.

Victims: Google Anti-Cram procedures and be prepared for a long battle before things are corrected. Slippery devils keep changing their names/billing channels just like computer viruses.


AT&T is responsible for those cases that they have negligent salespersons updating a service or they have subcontractors (like Digital Service Group, Inc.) procuring business for AT&T. :(


I keep very careful notice of all of my bills each month. A while back there were 2 companies that had charged a fee to my att bundle.

We called immediately and had to contact these companies. We threw a fit, and had the charges taken off.

Then we instructed att to not allow any outside companies to make any changes to our bill. It isn't att that is doing it.


Same thing happend to me on Jan 11th bill. A company called DIGITAL SERVICE GROUP, INC.

charged me same money. Without any authorization they initiate a web hosting service of which I am not aware. I think AT&T is part of this fraud. When I asked they have a fake name "Steward Bailey" purchasing service on my behalf.

This is not first time happend to me.

It happend last year also. The previous year AT&T itself keep upgrading my internet service without my information, after the thir time happend I cancelled my internet service and I am with Covad networks now, no problems so far.

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