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I have been systematically overcharged for my DSL service from ATT for 9 months now. They admit to overcharging me $186.30 and every month that amount gets higher(about $207.00 now).

They have taken this out of my checking account. Now, even though they admit to overcharging me, they refuse to credit my bank account. Insisting instead that I take it in future services. NO THANKS!!!

The sooner I can stop dealing with this disreputable company the better. At one point they credited my bank account $120.00 but took it back two weeksd later. Was this in hopes of making me believe that I got the refund and that the withdrawel might get lost in the paperwork? I find it hard to believe that it is legal for them take money from my account that isn't owed to them and they have no obligation to return it.

It seems like a form of embezzlement to me. And I won't even go into the $100 visa gift card scam that no one can seem to get from them. If they don't return this money I WILL be filing a claim with the BBB, my bank, and looking into a class action lawsuit. After seeing dozens of posts from people saying that ATT did the same thing to them it won't be too hard to prove.

I also have 833 Facebook friends who will be getting a warning from me about ATT.

I think ATT knows what they are doing, but assume that the average person won't go through the trouble to fight it or they think that because ATT is such a big company they won't win. But if more people stood up to these thieves/bullies they would know they can't get away with it.

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Terri C

I have experienced this exact problem at my previous address and it was never resolved. I finally gave up which is what most must do or else there would be no reason to continue what I see as fraud.

I disconnected my prior number and service to be able to get the new offering either UVerse if I were able to get a dish at this condo or if not, the $19.95 6mg internet service. My experience is the same. I am being charged $48. for 6MG DSL instead of the $19.95 promised.

AT&T is behaving no differently than any of these fraud schemes on the internet for supplements like the AKAIBERRY weight loss scam. The question is why does anyone feel obligated to pay what they are billed instead of what they were promised? Why not pay only what you owe and let THEM deal with the headache every month? AT&T has lost a number of class action lawsuits for overcharging for taxes, fees, and more.

Do a search to see. We need a class action lawsuit to represent those of us who have been overcharged for DSL. I can't understand how we all have the same experience. We call, they promise adjustments and then they do nothing.

I even spoke with someone too who gave me his name, etc so that I would believe him that he was absolutely going to take care of it. This is worse than out and out lying because I was happy and relieved. When the bill came in I felt betrayed yet again. Good Acting job, "Eric".

I'm going to search for a lawyer who will file the suit. I'm so angry I could "spit nails".

scott j

I'm with you to. In my opinion, and it seems to be the opinion of many others, AT&T is by far the worst all around company imaginable. I wish more people would stand up to them because they do a lot of illegal and unethical ***.


I'm right there with you. I had an ATT representative yell at me and say he will do anything it takes to make sure I will never see a refund.

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