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on 7-10-16, I parental control locked channels 149, 597, 848, 1149, 1597, 1848 and then hid those channels from view. less then 6 hours later on 7-11-16 att used a scheme to violate my choice (a choice by law they have to obey), on how I raise my kids, not theirs MY KIDS.

they turned off those channels and moved that content one number over, (channels I was not permitted to block) as they did not show on parental control menu (this violent content is moved to empty channel slots) and removed those 6 blocked channels to off status, so that violent content is available to my kids, content moved from 149 to 148, 597 to 598, 848 to 849, 1149 to 1148, 1597 to 1598, 1848 to 1849. this year they have done this to me and you every month or two, (I've called them 26 times this year on this issue). please att consumer try it your self, don't take my word on it, if you block any or all of these 148,598,848,1148,1598,1848 within 60 days THAT content will be moved one channel over and those channels YOU blocked will disappear, effectively over-riding your parental rights given to you by law. after they kill your blocked channels block the new ones and within 2 months they will do it again returning the first channels YOU blocked to unblocked status, this scheme works to violate your right to limit what your kids watch.

If att CHOOSES to create 'The Anal Rape Channel' on channel 148 and you block it, they WILL (within 60 days) turn off 148 and turn on channel 149 for that content, if you block 149 (as the law requires you be permitted to do), they will turn off 149 and return their anal rape content to 148, but you blocked 148 remember, they claim your parental control from earlier is void period.

You will see what my 26 phone calls in 2016 to them has been about, their supervisor in the manila call center Shai (pronounced Shay), admits the unethical nature involved, (she being offshore of the usa claims no job protection and is likely fired by now), all content on those 6 channels is att generated content, they have blamed the ppv network, before admitting that it is really att pay per event not ppv channels.

to summarize (12 att pay per event channels, 6 turned on 6 turned off, every month or two that content is moved, TO OVER-RIDE your parental control rights from the 6 on to the 6 off channels), and if you don't like it be aware that att owns direct-tv, and dish network, so if you leave att they will get your money from you thru their att family of poor service companies. Corrupt?, or not Corrupt?, you tell me.

Reason of review: unethical violation of law.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Cons: Dishonesty, Misleading information, Uverse, Zero ethics, Unlawful parental interferance, Corrupt, Customer service not truthful.

  • Parental Control Over-ride
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wtf, pissed consumer, I complained about att misconduct, and less than a week later they stopped their misconduct, and when I tried to 'mark as resolved', you at pissed consumer locked me out from being able to.

next time I tried to mark as resolved your system claimed my name was incorrect and it must have letters from a to z, AND numbers from 1 to 10, AND symbols from~ to +.

come on my name is still as it was when YOU accepted my complaint for publication, I retried to fix this and was told my password was or is incorrect, so I requested and you issued a new password, YOU GENERATED IT, not me, but your system still has me locked out with a so called bad password, WHY?

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