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My phone was not charging right. I called AT&T warranty to get a new phone.

It came through Fed ex. Around the end of August. I had send it back around September 10th.

On this day the harassment begins. First. Came the automate text. I called them and told them.

For the whole month I calling them and chatting with them.

The management told me that I well be charged 349.99$+my bill. As of October my bill is 1000.23$

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If AT&T's warranty warehouse does not recieve your original phone, you do get charged for the price of the replacement phone. Thats why its a warranty exchange and its clearly defined in the terms and conditions you agree to when the exchange is processed.

You say you mailed your phone back via USPS.

Did you get a receipt or return tracking number from them?

Until you do and you can prove that the device, or at least the box containing the device, is no longer in your posession and is in the post office's posession...the charge is valid. Its not AT&T's fault the post office lost your box.

My advice is to talk to the postal service to track down the box.

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