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As trouble with the Uverse service, could not get the internet, no dial tone on the phone, could not call out or receive phone calls. Att repair were here once or twice per week. They then decided to put in a new phone line, the company that buried it cut my sewer line inhalf. Now it has been 2 years, hundreds of hours on the phone and still not fixed.

Att always b8lled me for service that never worked, so i put together my invoice. $2000 for repair to my sewer, plus 300 hours being on the phone at $25 per hour that i could have made from my missed worked. So i invoiced AT&T for $9500 and still have not received payment yet. Have now got our missouri state representative working on the problem. Getting ready to get lawyer involved plus would love for national TV to write a story about how AT&T screws over their customers. If i have to get a lawyer i will be asking much, much more for just stress damage.

It would take 45 minutes to load a webpage using the Uverse service. I told them on their facebook page that i wouldn't even want somebody on death row to use their service, that the bad service would kill them before the government did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Here it is aver 2 years later, still not fixed. Just mailed AT&T a late notice on the invoice I mailed on 10/20/2015.

They are past due on paying the charges accrued during this time of having non stop trouble with the AT&T service. Just yesterday a man said that out in their area that AT&T was expanding, this always gives me a chance to tell my story of how bad they suck.

They told me I would not have a phone bill or Internet bill until problem was resolved. They tried to cage me for services that didn't work, I told them I was not paying the bill, they turned off my internet and phone.

I lost the phone number I have had for about 35 years, and my email account that I have done business with for the last 15 years or so. AT&T is a ruthless group of people, I would stay clear of this company if at all possible

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