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The absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company in my entire life. I have had 5 samsung galaxy note 3 phones.

The 5th one is already messed up with software issues. I was told that my only options were to cancel my contract, warranty replacement or the next program. I haven't had a working phone yet! So I can try a 6th phone, or pay more money for a new phone?

Now I've been given a case worker who is extremely rude and very demeaning.

I cannot speak with anyone else in the company but him. Joe Munzenrider 717-526-5639 is the guy who I've been assigned to and I don't understand how he has a job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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I agree as I also had a terrible experience with Joseph Muzenrider. He started laughing and mocking me and then hung-up on me.

He also said he would have to review AT&T's policies to determine if they want to allow me to continue being a customer.

He is very ar arrogant and rude. I found out thought is boss is Angie Libbey at 501-862-6781 if you want to complain about him.


I had the same experience with Joe munzenrider. He needs to be fired immediately. I will not purchase any att products until I know that this evil *** is not there anymore.

to Anonymous #1420887

I agree with you whole-heartedly. This man is a terrible person enjoying the fruits of our labor


The odds that 5 phones of the same make and model have issues are rare. If your latest device is showing software issues, most likely its an application or an update for an app that is causing it.

I would recommend testing the device in Safe Mode or even performing a Master Reset to determine if your issue is software related. 90% of troubleshooting is process of elimination, trying to find out what the common component is that's causing the problem. With 5 phones, the common factor is the user.

Either way, the carrier is only responsible for maintaining the cellular signal the phone runs on.

They provide technical support and warranty exchange services as a convenience to you. However, if you truly believe that there are issues with the Galaxy Note 3 devices, talking to Samsung is an alternative option.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3, 7 months old, no issues.

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