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I actually have 2 formal complaints on AT&T which will never go any where. #1 I called the wireless customer service and asked when my contract was up b/c I knew it was getting close and I wanted to switch to Verizon.

I was given the date by their CSR. The day after the date I went to Verizon, sign up, then cancelled with AT&T. I received a bill from AT&T for $1000 for cancellation fees. When I called them to inquire they said, "Yes, that was the date YOUR phone contract ended, but the contract date on the other 3 phones on your account don't end until Sept!" OMG!

Really? I stated look at your records, you must be able to see where I called to inquire about my contract ending. As a matter of fact they COULD see whre I called, but no one logged the content of the call so they said they had no way of verifying the conversation. I guess I just made the *** up so I could pay AT&T $1000 freaking dollars.

I'm not *** WTH would I just canel a contract knowing there would be cancellation fees!! I wrote multiple letters complaining and never recieved one response. Oh wait, yes I did when they sent my account to collections!!!


Just yesterday I called AT&T to transfer my home phone service which I have had for 2 years. AT&T is the only option where I live or I would not have them as my provider..... I received an alert from LifeLock ( which I highly recommend) that a credit check was ran on me. Tiffany, the CSR NEVER asked for my permission to run my credit nor did she ever mention that it was going to be ran.

I am seriously pissed off that as she was verifying my information (after I had already given the same information to "Mr. Absolutely Worthless Automated Man" she was running a credit check on me.

I have also wasted my time writing a formal complaint letter on this illegal act which I anticipate will go no where. That's my rant for the day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Regarding #1: It's your fault for not asking the right questions and checking to see when ALL of your lines are out of contract. If you just checked one and they gave you the date, then they were doing everything you asked them to in that call. Then if you cancelled your whole account because you didn't do the proper research then that's not their fault, sorry.


i too want to switch from AT&T - i simply logged on Verizon to check out prices/plans - next thing i know they ran my credit without even being a customer! Apparently these big companies can do whatever they want without repercussion

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