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I went to att uverse because i thought it would be a better deal they inform me that my bill would be 150.00 some dollars a month including phone,internet and cable and i thought that was a great deal they also inform me that my first two months will be the highest bill i said ok fine and when the two months past my bill was 214.00 dollars a month have not seen the 150.00 dollars yet on my bill when i call about it they told me i have 3 recievers that not apart of the bundle and they didnt tell me that when we recieve the package deal i was very upset and they also didnt tell me if u want to switch to a lower package they will charge u also and that is crazy and they bill u two months at advance i paid my bill and two weaks i recieve a disconnect notice and it havent even been a month i dont recommend this service to anyone who wants u-verse its a rip off to consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Bundle.

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I just called AT&T's toll free number to find out about Uverse; I was comparing different services with people had at work and thought I might try to ask them once again if they had service in "my" area. This dipwad asks me where I live so I gave them a zip code.

Well apparently that wasn't enough so I gave them my street but not my house number and the woman still couldn't tell me if there was service in my area! How ridiculous! If it ain't on my street - I don't want it anyway.

This little frustration brought me here where I would like to thank you all for reminding me what a rip-off these companies are. I'll stick with what I have- separate services for each - AT&T is promising something they can't give you and you will pay way more than they say!!!!


If it's too good to be true......... It is.


All cable companies do that...it's not bait in switch it's a promo offer...read the fine print


Att uverse SUCKS! I had no phone service for a month so i had to use my cell phone and my overage charges were 111.00 and they are telling me i have to pay ,remember there service was down?


I am writing a letter to the general attorney in RI regarding the deceptive practices of ATT and the illegal Bait and switch deal that we got. Specifically, they did not tell us about a 49 dollar month recurring fee for an extra line.

Also we received an IM stating they we have $800.00 in usage fees just 10 hours after we got the phone for 175 meg of data even though we have a 2 gig plan??

They suspended our data services!!! When I called to complain customer service had the brass to tell us we can return the phone a pay a 35 dollar restocking fee


I orderd the triple package uverse in April. I was offered free installation with a $ 200 reward card & discounts for some of the tvs.

$ 64 off for 6mos & $45 off for the next 6 mos. I had only received 1 $ 100 reward card & was suppose to be mailed the 2nd one. Never got the 2nd one. 2 months ago I was billed a $ 275 installation fee.

( which they say is late due to a billing issue) I have called & spoke to 4 different people there. They said the technician that came to my house to install the internet, phone & TV had to fix my cable outlets. I don't get that because all my tvs were working fine with charter cable & besides I was never informed that I would be charged the additional installation fee of $ 275.00 plus all the taxes. My bill is still in dispute & a manager was suppose to get back to me.

I am still waiting for a manager to get back to me. I already complained to the Texas public utility commission, however I was told I need to get intouch with the FCC. I will call & make a formal complaint tomorrow morning after I call AT&T again. This is very frustrating!

I am so dissapointed in AT&T. TO think I was thinking of switching my cell phone as well? No chance in *** now!

I will stick with Verizon Wireless. If at&T uverse does not remove the installation fees & taxes I will have no choice but to cancel my service & go back to cable.


I just wanted to add to this discussion. I actually contacted these customer service people..

although I don't think I got a Natasha.. I got a Tatiana or something like that. But they did respond. Unfortunately then they sort of make you jump through a couple of hoops...

you get directed to their Corporate Escalation group where (at least in my case) a Mr. Eric Watts calls you back and tells you that they recieved your complaint (BUT evidently doesn't or can't really do anything for you.) But does tell you that he will have someone contact you. And someone will contact you... perhaps multiple times at wrong phone numbers as in my case, but I did finally get a person to contact and talk to although you can't call them directly.

You have to call and leave a message at a voicemail box and they have to call you back. Anyway the short of it all is, even this person doesn't seem to have the power to really do anything (not to really make the customer happy) They offer you downgrades or other promo discounts that really only apply for 6 mos or whatever of 5 or 10 dollars. In my case, because of fixed income, and the way they handle billing.. they were demanding payment of a small past due amount as well as payment of the new bill not even due until the 2nd week of Aug.

wanted it paid in full before the end of July. I don't get a check until Aug. 3rd. It just couldn't be worked out for some reason.

Part of the original problem was pro-rating for 4 days... which with taxes and fees added almost 30 something dollars to the original bill... I would have rather waited 4 days to have it installed and know exactly what my bill was month to month. Basically in a nutshell they really have some billing issues that are not consumer friendly..

unless you have lot's of money and don't really care.. just want service and all the bells and whistles. Additionally the fact that this Service requires set top boxes on EACH TV does not make this a very freindly service for customers that have multiple TV's in their home with families. Single person or couple with just a couple of TV's it's really not bad but for families, unless you have the money I don't recommend UVERSE.

I have 5 TV's in my home..not that we watch all at once but probably as many as 4 at a time could be watched...have to have a box ... at $7 a month (PLUS taxes and FEES) can add up to more than a decent cable package real quickly. They support up to 8 boxes I think but think of it, that's $56 dollars a month or akmost $700 a year and that doesn't include Taxes or fees... JUST for the set top boxes.

And when they turn you off... you are turned off.. for everything!

Nice fancy product if you have the coin to pay for it, but not very consumer friendly especially in this economy. Not family friendly because of set top boxes, and so on.

Basically instead of paying $150.00 a month to Uverse, the same package (pricing discounted only for 6 mos to a year)I get the same service from Charter cable for about $70.00 a month including DVR. Not even close ATT. Sorry... my UVERSE is being disconected today...

that is the only way they could work with me anyway... your resolution may turn out differently. But I really don't think they are willing to bend very much. They will discount or downgrade your service for a short term..

but the end result is you will pay and pay and pay some more. I really think they need to make it more price competitive with cable. Yes it has some neat features(the integration of the 3 services) but you have to be willing to pay..

and pay well to have it. Just my two cents worth.



I'm reading your post and we just signed up for the same thing.Well, just received my first bill and it's $289...not the $150.Granted there is a prorate amount and the one time charge of $29.But they also included the 3 receivers,which at the time of sign up, was told we would get 2 receivers for free.The sales rep failed to mention that there were stipulations to getting the receivers for free. He failed to mention how long the receivers would be free for and failed to mention we would have to wait six months before getting a refund back for them.When confronted about it he simple stated "that was my mistake" but failed to apologize and try to amend the mistake he made.This is my first time dealing w/ AT&T and it's not off to a good start.Oh yeah,when I asked him what my total bill would be w/ taxes and everything he said there would be no taxes.Once again the *** failed to mention any state taxes and surcharges which amounted to about $40 on top of my regular bill.It's sad that AT&T is employing incompetant fools to work for their company.It's idiots like that that give the company a bad rep.

I understand where you're coming from and feel for you.

By the way, did this Natasha ever help you w/ your issue. Because if she did,I would like to contact her myself.....


Hello Joslyn. I'm a manager with AT&T Cutomer Care and I saw your post. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the bill. I'll try to help. Please email me a contact number, U-verse account number and the service address: ATTNatasha@att.com. Please include your name in the subject line.


Natasha-AT&T Customer Care


You told me your name was Butch.

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