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I am literally sitting on the side of the road writing this review I called roadside assistance because I am in my dad's old pickup truck and I need gas I did not know that the gas needle in his truck stopped working the only reason I am in his truck it's because my car broke down and cannot be repaired so I am not his truck until I get a new car so the lady wanted the year and model of this truck of course I don't know because this is not my vehicle the only thing I knew was it is a Ford pickup truck she could not do anything for me because I did not know the model or the year of the truck she kept asking me to check the registration on the truck I am digging through papers in the glove box unable to find anything since this is not my truck I don't know where he keep this information she asked me can you call someone to get you I told her if I could I would have never called you my dad is 2 hours away from me so how was he going to help me so since they couldn't help me and no kind of way what's the point of having this service I'm sitting halfway in the road about to get hit got roadside assistance who refused to assist me just because I did not know the make and year of the truck I will be cancelling roadside assistance and maybe all my services for AT&T

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please break up your complaint into sentences and paragraphs.

Your entire post is a wall of text with no sentences. It is an entire run on sentence.

I cannot make sense of what you are complaining about by reading this.

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