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Below is the email I sent AT&T and their response to my complaint. The issue is simple while on vacation in the Dominican Republic I NEVER used my phone except where I could access the internet. ATT charged me $2 for every incoming call that went to voicemail even though I never checked my voicemail. This is there explanation.

Thank you for contacting AT&T about how you do not understand the roaming charges for calls you say you never made on vacation in the Dominican Republic. You say you never placed calls or received calls on your iPhone and would like a full explanation on what you are being charged for. You feel that these charges are being sneaked on to your account or you will report to BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Federal Trade Commission.

I am sorry you had charges while abroad. While roaming internationally please be advised of the following:

1. When registered on a foreign carrier's GSM/GPRS network, calls that you do not answer that are routed to the AT&T voicemail system may be charged as an international roaming incoming call to your phone.

2. In addition, the foreign carrier's routing of that call to the AT&T voicemail system may generate an outgoing call charge from your phone's location to the U.S.

3. These charges apply even if the caller disconnects from the voice mail system without leaving a message.

4. Each time you turn on your GSM/GPRS device, you register on the local carrier's network. As long as that registration is in place, AT&T will route your calls to that carrier. When you turn your device off, the registration reverts to the home network, although not immediately.

5. If your phone is turned off and someone tries to call you, the call will go directly to your personal voicemail greeting and since the network does not try to deliver the call to you in a foreign country, there are no international roaming charges.

6. Customers will be charged the per-minute roaming rate when checking voicemail from the phone.

7. Using the retrieval key (typically #1 key) to access VM will incur normal International roaming charges. Other methods of VM retrieval will incur additional charges.

So as stated above, calls that people left voicemail messages, you were charged and each time you checked your voicemail, you were charged for checking at $1.99 per call. All calls are valid, Ms. Giles.

Again my name is **** ******, thank you for being a customer with AT&T since 5/13/09. We are here to assist you. I encourage you to visit us at www.att.com/wireless often to view your monthly account statements, make payments and shop for new products and services. We also have free star service that you can use for your device:

*646# check minutes from your device *MIN#

*3282# check how many data/text messages *DATA#

*225# check the balance or last payment received *BAL#

*639# check equipment upgrade eligibility *NEW#

*729 make a payment on your invoice *PAY

These star services are estimated in usage for minutes or data text.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Should you have additional concerns or questions about this issue please reply to this email or call customer service. If you need to contact us again regarding a new issue please send us another email via the contact link through your online account.


**** *******


Online Customer Care Professional

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That's normal procedure and it's not only AT&T's policy.

Every service provider charges you for phone calls even if you don't pick up the phone and don't check your voicemail.

The explanation is simple.

Let's say your provider is AT&T and you get a phone call while outside the USA, AT&T is connecting your call to the country you're at "borrowing" the foreign network to reach your cellphone. Now you don't want to pick up the phone to save some bucks and let the call go to voicemail, it still doesn't change the fact that the person is using the foreign network to leave you a message. That network will charge AT&T for it and AT&T will send you the bill.

The fact that it's so expensive is also not AT&T's fault since every provider can charge whatever it wants, which is normally very expensive. The European Union is passing a law right to keep roaming charges within Europe somewhat regulated by specifying the max a provider is allowed to charge.

The best thing you can do when you travel internationally is to buy a local card you can use in your cellphone (if you have a GSM phone where you can exchange the sim card and as long as it is not locked to a specific network - iPhone -).

If you don't plan on calling the best thing you can do is to switch off your voicemail before leaving the country and to turn off data transmission in your device. That way you won't pay for anything unless you take or make a phone call.


Same thing just happened to us in Germany. *** AT&T and the iPhone.

No phone is worth all that. This is highway robberry!!!!


This is horrible. I got trapped within the same scam.

While in the USA I searched all possible sites and browsed for answers about using Wireless USB Mercury device from Dominican Republic, but didn't find anything at all. Assuming I could, I logged into my laptop for 20 minutes but my iTuned started downloading the episode automatically. ATT sent me a message that my charges are significant and ATT has to disconnect my services until I pay almost 1000 dollars. I was trying to find any regulations, policies, agreements, but they're impossible to read - about everything and nothing at the same time, nothing specific.

I have no idea what I am going to do.

I really love iPhone, but at this point, I am ready to give it up and switch to Android mobile and different provider. ATT is a criminal company.

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