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Reading other reviews, it seems like this is a recurrent theme and should be a Juicy class action lawsuit. I have had this happen both to my home account and my business account and seeing that it is listed here I'm betting that it is a recurrent theme.

My home ATT bill had gone up without notice, "off of contract" our bill had more than doubled. Since we are on "autopay" I did not notice for a several months. I called "nice rep", explained what had happenned and she gave us 6 months FREE premium channels 'TO MAKE UP FOR THE OVERCHARGE" . I did not want to "bother" to have to call to turn this off when the "FREE" expired so I asked and the rep.

PROMISED to "PUT IT IN THE NOTES/ORDER" to discontinue this service when the FREE expired. She also promised to notify me when the rate changed. Somehow our bills were changed to PAPERLESS. I do not remember agreeing to this.

Sure enough the "FREE" expired and the "PROMOTIONAL RATE" expired and my bill doubled. NOT receiving paper statements and having the bill AUTOPAID I did not notice the charges doubling on my monthly credit card statement, not for several months. When the discrepancy was noticed calls were made and paper bills were requested which never arrived, again costing me a few months. Smelling a RAT, I check my charges at the office and I noticed the exact same problem.

Here is how it appears to work. ATT promises you anything to get to you sign up or renew. They still promise to notify you when your rate changes. THEY WILL NOT.

They push or switch you to paperless billing, hoping you don't notice they doubled your rate. My suggestions Do not ever allow them to sign you up for paperless billing, Do not allow them to sign you up for autopay. Check your bills monthly and do not trust anything they promise. Keep tract of your renewal date and always call the month before Get everything in writing.

Oh when AT&T calls especially Andrea P. don't waist your time taking the call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ATT Cons: Cannt trust reps.

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How do you get a class action lawsuit started. They have used my auto pay for someone's bill in Texas.

They told me they had redeposited the money back into my account, and lied about putting my money back into my checking account.

I told them to stop my auto pay, they told me they stopped the auto pay, and it is still being used by the customer in Texas. There should be recourse for them stealing from your checking account.

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