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I think we need to start a mass movement to protest against AT&T.. I live in the Los Angeles area and everyone that I know of has problems with the coverage.

I wish they stop counting the money and start addressing the problem.

I called them and all they could say was that they were sending technicians to look at the towers and expected it to be restored in a week, but nothing of that sort ever happened. The only improvement has been that my home went from being in the dead zone to a wave zone (the conversation fades in and out like a wave) and that is more irritating than not having coverage.

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The worst part is that even if you don't get any coverage in or around your home, they won't let you out of your contract so you can find someone who does have coverage. They told me that they could see my problem on the coverage map but there is nothing they can do about it. BOO for AT&T, they shouldn't even be in business.

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