Stamford, Connecticut

Yesterday my husband, 8 week old daughter and myself went to the Costco in Norwalk, CT. Right next to the Costco is an Att store.

We parked in the Att lot because the Costco lot is full. Apparently we missed the sign saying the we could not park there as there were many costco customers parked in there so we believed it was okay. When we returned to our car a half hour later, it had been towed. When we called the number on the sign, we were told that an At&t employee had called the tow company.

Now we are not arguing that we were in the wrong for parking there, we understand that HOWEVER... we had to take a cab to a very bad area of South Norwalk where we were told that we had to have 250.00 cash or the tower would not tell us where our car was located. My husband went into a bodega near by and took 250.00 out an ATM. Finally a tow truck pulled up with a 50,000.00 Audi on the back and told my husband to get in leaving myself and my 8 week old in lot for Fedro's Autobody which was gated and surrounded by barbed wire.

The truck driver then pulled over and asked my husband how much money he had. When he replied that he had 250.00 as he was told to bring, the driver told him to take it out and count it in front of him. Marc did so and the driver took him to a lot filled with high end cars where he left him to find his car on his own. All the while, I was left with my 8 week old daughter and a bunch of costco groceries in a very bad area of Norwalk.

Something suspicious is going on with the towing and we feel that someone in At&t is getting a cut to have this company tow high end cars.

We will be reporting this to the Norwalk Police and we are switching carriers after over ten years with At&t because we do not want to have our service with a company who employs people like this!

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Wow - I have parked over there too... I had no idea u could be towed...

it's basically different corners of the same lot... parking closer to Costco is a complete nightmare! I have driven off several times due to lack of parking, and once even drove all the way to Fairfield BJs to warehouse shop (diapers, etc.) instead of dealing with Costco parking! They should really look into helping customers in the parking lot avoid heart attacks.

I would have freaked if I had been towed with my baby. Thank goodness your husband was there to help!

I live in South Norwalk, and yes, there are some great areas, and those not so great. What a nightmare!


well, it happened to me also and now I have one more reason to leave my At&T contract and stay away from their parking lots.

Congratulations to AT&T and their wise personnel


Lady!What make's you think you and Your husband can just park anywhere you like.Their were sign's posted parking for AT&T parking only.Since you and Your husband both knew you all parked in the wrong area,Why?Didn't one of you all stay in the car just in case the tow truck was called.Actually with an 8 week old baby,You could have just stayed home.As far as the police is concern this is really none of their business.I am sure if you and Your husband parked in an police area you would be towed also.This is why?We have PARKING ENFORCEMENT.Next you will feel like it is ok to park in an HANDICAPPED AREA if you get away with this.


The same thing happened to me over the weekend! I could have written the exact same story!!!

This has got to be some sort of scam. Anyone know who owns the property that the other stores rent from? And yes it was my fault that I parked where I shouldn't have, however the signs posted are ***.

It looks like a directory-not a warning sign.


This happened to us at the Costco/AT&T and pier 1 in Norwalk a month ago. Glad to hear someone reported them! The spot we were parked in was not designated for AT&T yet we were told they had us towed.


Interesting comment. Both the Norwalk police and AT&T corporate disagree that we got what we deserved and a formal investigation has been opened into tho location as well as the towing company as we are not the only Costco customers towed.


You got yourselves into this horrible position. You have no way of knowing if any of the other cars that were in the parking lot were Costco customers.

Or did they have signs saying they were at Costco? People that park in the wrong lot, can expect to be towed. Nothing bad happened to you and your daughter while you were waiting, so quit your complaining. You got exactly what you deserved.

As far as something suspicious going on, I wouldn't complain unless your husband had to pay more than the $250.00 to get the car out of impound. Grow up!

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