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I have been a loyal ATT customer for years. Recently (a couple months ago) I am using my phone as normal and I receive a text from ATT stating I am in the "top 5% of data users" (and I do not use that much), and that my access speeds will be throttled. So the next month, I try to lower my usage, which i should NOT HAVE TO DO AS I AM ON AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN AND HAVE BEEN FOR MANY YEARS. That month I get a text stating that I have "reached 5 gigs of data, and my speeds will be throttled down". This past month I get a text saying you have "used 3 gigs of data and you speeds will be throttled". I have an unlimited internet plan. ATT is not holding up their end of the contract when they LIMIT my speeds. Once they throttle speeds down, the data portion of the phone is nearly unusable it is so slow.

My contention is that by limiting speeds ATT is effectively limiting the use of the data plan, making it not truly "unlimited" as advertised. Websters defines UNLIMITED as "lacking any controls, unrestricted, boundless, infinite, not bounded by exceptions". This is NOT how ATT is managing those of us with unlimited data plans.

I have been able to find documentation that ATT has been sued in court for this, and the judge has found in favor of the plaintiff. I pointed this out in my MANY calls to representatives, but the response of ATT is basically "too bad we will do as we want".

I have made numerous calls to ATT over their limiting of data to no avail. Each time their response equates to " too bad". I have asked to be allowed to leave ATT quietly and only have my early termination fee waived, they refuse to cooperate in this matter. I have asked to have my data unthrottled, to no avail, their response equates to "too bad we will do as we want". I have already moved my home phone to Verizon. I have a speed test app that shows exactly how slow data becomes once they throttle it.

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I simply asked ATT to provide me with a signed copy of my contract where I had agreed they can switch my data plan once I change my phone on my own and insert new SIM card.

According to Mobile Marketing Association and ATT guidelines, everyone should disclose when price changes for a consumer and since my price was increased, I asked for proof. They keep sending me to a website with terms and conditions.

How is that possible? Contact you states' attorney general and better business bureau.

They cannot just come up with b.s answers and expect us to accept them as status quo.


It's a sales tool for att to capture market share, once they have achieved their goal they will reduce cost by driving away the customer that uses the most resource.It's kind of like the banks that that offer the low rates and flood their underwriters with apps. At that point they select the cream while the others go deeper in the stack.

The banks have the blessing of obama reform ATT has learned the trick b4 they are regulated.

A $150 dollar a mnth customer cant legally fight ATT due to expense, we need some class

action if precidence. Include my complaint of charging for data service regardless of using a GIG

John N

I have heard of this. You are correct.

Your "unlimited" plan with AT&T is no longer unlimited. Why? Because AT&T decided to change it. They broke the contract.

Can't you now be released, with no fee, from the contract?

Go somewhere else. AT&T is really not a consumer-friendly place anymore.

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