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I have been an excellent ATT&Wireless customer for a long while on a voice and datea family plan. My account with them consists of 4 lines. My contract unfortunately won't expire until the summer of 2013. While I am satisfied with their voice and data service over all, I can't wait to switch to another company because I am tired of being lied to or be given misleading, inconsistent information.

This is what happened:

1) A few days ago, I called Customer Service and explanied to them that my wife had lost her job, but I wanted to keep the service. A very nice rep (a rarity) walked me through and said that she could switch me from our combined 700 minute plan to a 550 minute plan (unpublicized) and I could save $10.00. She also said, I would not lose my accrued 5,000 plus rollover minutes. I told her I was going to think about it since $10.00 was not much of a saving.

2) Today, July 20 2012, however, I made the decision to call and swith to that plan and save $10 a month. YET, the unbelievable happened:1)The Customer Service rep (male) told me it was not a good idea because if I did, not only was I going to lose my rollover minutes, but because I almost had reach my 700 minutes for the month, I would be on a minute overage and that was going to cost me a lot of money. I told him that was impossible, that we as a family had onlly used 281 minutes combined! After I told him I was looking at the account online, he recanted but never admitted it was a mistake or something to that effect. I told him I was going to call back some other time with a decision.

3) A few minutes later, I called back hoping to talk to a different Customer Service Rep, which I did! This time it was a lady and she was as helpless as the previous Rep. She immediately produced out of thin air a totally different reason not to switch me to the lower plan. SHE SAID THAT SHE COULD NOT SWITCH ME TO THE DOWNGRADED PLAN BECAUSE THIS WAS ONLY FOR UP TO 3 LINES, AND SINCE I HAD 4 LINES I DID NOT QUALIFY..... DOES THAT MAKE FREAKING SENSE????!!!!

I immediately told her I needed to talk to her supervisor and reluctantly, after a long time on hold, her supervisor (or so he said), basically supported the last rep's position and firmly stated that the "system" would not allow him to switch me to that plan....

I am fuming not only because I won't be able to save after all the $10.00 ATT told me if I downgraded, but mainly because I felt disrispected as a consumer with that approach. I am still hopeful that perhaps someone in corporate would read this post and honor their promises.

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family plan of 550 does have rollover but when you chane you will lose your current rollover and can only keep the same amount of minutes as new plan offers (550) it does have a max of 3 lines for that specific plan but the most important fact that hasnt been mentioned is if you change to the family 550 plan and currently have family unlimited messages which gives unlimited mobile calls to other cell providers that extended mobile calling is also lost and you still pay the $30 cost for it. you only get the extended mobile calls with family messages when you have a plan of 700 or more minutes. good luck, sad to say but its better to break the contract and pay the penalty than to deal with AT&T.


The system definitely will not let ANYONE put than three lines on that plan. One more thing...the 550 plan doesn't even offer Rollover Minutes In my three years with that horrible joke for a company, I've met many corporate liars.

I advise you to go with Verizon.

Let me tell you that I'm not a disgruntled ex-employee. I willingly left after I had enough of their *** practices at the expense of their customers.

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