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Three months ago I went into an ATT store to rectify something on my Wireless bill. Of course the representative told me he could get me ATT U-verse at twice the speed for half the cost that I was currently paying too.

He sold me the service told me everything would be switched automatically. This did not happen. After three store visits and five phone calls I was eventually told that U-verse wasn't even available in my building. I went onto the ATT website myself and this was confirmed.

So after a three week saga, I was back to my old, slow service. I sent the equipment back with the return label they sent me and got... a bill from ATT. I phoned again.

Explained the situation. I was told that this would be rectified in the next billing cycle. Of course, I got another bill. When I refused to pay it, they turned me over to a collection agency.

I went back to the ATT store that sold me the service in the first place and was told by a manager that the service WAS available. Just went back to the website. It isn't. My next step is to file a complaint of fraud at the attorney general's office against ATT.

They sold me a service that wasn't available and now they are damaging my credit because I refuse to pay them. Sounds like extortion to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $82.

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I am dealing with AT&t regarding a cancellation fee that have turned me overt to an collection agency for. I have contacted AT& T several times regarding this amount.

I had a bundle package with Direct TV /AT&T

Cancelled my services, mail equipment back and made a final payment to Djrect TV based on the final bill the sent. Now AT&T saying I owe them 120.00. My monthly internet bill with Them was 14.95 per TV verified they received my last payment and I do not owe the anything. I have also discussed the non existent cancellation fee which Direct tv knows has bern taken care of.

Direct tv is stating at&t is trying to collect the cancellation fee not them. There is no contract with either company.

Jamie fromAT&Twas suppose to send me a breakdown but they can't because I owe them no money...and now I'm getting calls from collection agencies. I am raging mad and I am about yo hire lawyer


Update. I e-mailed Kevin.

On the 18th. Still waiting for a response. I've also not received the phone call that Amy promised I would get from them. In the meantime I've had to call ATT again and made another store visit.

The person they put me on the phone with at the store sounded drunk. Insisted again that he needed a tracking number even though they already confirmed that they received the equipment back.

He also didn't comprehend what a debt collection agency is. He said "everything will be taken care of." I've heard that before.



I got a voice mail from ATT (Jan speaking) yesterday siting a reference number 700101, saying that OOPS they actually had the equipment (that they billed me for and turned me over to the collection agency for) and that "everything will be taken care of". They just needed me to phone back with additional information and site the reference number.

I just did that. Spoke to Amy. She didn't know what I was talking about and wanted to make ANOTHER case number, insinuating that I didn't return the equipment. She actually demanded a tracking number, which I didn't have because I used your return label.

So. The saga continues.

I wonder if ATT will reimburse me for the 20+ hours I've spent in their stores and on the phone the past three months dealing with this. I bill out at $85/hour.


Hello Geelhecks. My name is Kevin and I'm with AT&T.

Please send me your account information to include the billing name, address, and account number to

Please include details and a good contact number and time as well and I will try and assist you with this issue. Thanks ATTKevinC

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