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We switched from Time Warner to AT&T Uverse 5 months ago. We were told about the fiber optic they put in on our street. I remember when they tore up our streets. The sales girl going door to door said its the fastest Internet in San Diego. I am very disappointed and think it is slower than Time Warner. We have 4 cable boxes but you can only watch HD on three at one time. Had issues with lost signal and the internet goes down all the time. I had to use my Verizon phone to schedule a service tech. I had a Monday appointment and nobody showed. Tried to call and chew someones *** and got the automated run around. Finally got a tech out here and gave him an ear full! He did something and it was better but he said a lineman had to come out and change something at the NODE. Its better now but not better than Time Warner. Still goes out daily and I cant upload large HD files to YouTube. Two weeks ago my wife changed our plan because our bill was going up. "What a surprise!" Wait it gets better. So she changed plans to reduce our bill and hit submit. Five seconds later all HD was turned off right in the middle of Sunday night Football! Tried to call and go online but they were CLOSED! Called Monday morning and they said that they were sorry for the inconvenience and HD programming will be up in 2 to 3 hours! You can turn it off in less than 10 seconds but it takes hours to reconnect! AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever seen! They are false advertising and should be sued.

Now they bought Direct TV and are taking away channels left and right. Fox 5 San Diego is gone October 2nd! That means no NFC football in SD!

When my contact is up I am going to run back to Time Warner!

AT&T is a scam! I hate those bastards!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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