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I signed up for an ATT U-Verse bundle for TV and internet. I made my decision about which bundle to sign up for based on the $250 reward (rebate). I did a cost analysis for one year and the more expensive bundle was actually cheaper because of the reward. I SAW the $250 reward advertised with this bundle on-line!

Then I called just to verify the reward. I spoke to a man on the telephone and asked him several times about the amount of the reward. He guaranteed me it was $250. He said it would be paid by 1. a $100 check, 2. a $100 voucher and 3. a $50 voucher. He laid it out very clearly and I made notes.

Recently I went on-line to reclaim the reward and only found $200. I called and was told I must be wrong. They never offered a $250 reward.

I was incensed! I saw it with my own eyes and the man guaranteed it by telephone.

I complained quite loudly and they did give me a $50 credit on my billing. But the woman I spoke to had a bad attitude. She tried to tell me I was wrong and she couldn't do anything about it. Finally the supervisor gave her permission to give me a credit. If I hadn't pushed I would have lost the $50.

So what's up with that? I know what I saw and I know what I heard and I wrote it down on paper as he was telling me about the $250. How could I be wrong? Was it a scam?

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I think you are not alone in this I just got my reward code and it is for $50 less than promised. I will call them and do what you did to straighten it out but it does not make AT&T look very trustworthy regardless of how it turns out in the end!


I got rid of cable and bought a HDTV antenna and felt good but missed channels.A AT&T salesman came to my door and gave me some smeal about good savings since I have them for internet which I pay 42 dollars.I thought the offer of 67 dollars with the 42 dollars which came to 100 dollars a month was great.They throw a $250 dollar gift certificate in too which made it even better.Yeah right once I get my bill it's $256 dollars all added up.So that gift certificate they gave me they get right back.What a crock of ***.


Same here. I signed up for a $200 reward and got $25. I don't see the reason behind this lie. They had left a bad impression now - putting the cart before the horse.

They are so sure that once you have their services you will not cancel them no matter what.

Still, there are other more creative ways to get your customers hooked.


Just went thru same thing with at&t today. Their sales rep never informed us about the cards expiring if not redeemed within 6 months.

They kept apologizing and after 45 minutes I finally agreed to taking the $150 credit ..$50 less than offer. We will be shopping providers and canceling once new service is installed.

Weary about all the postings on bills for returning equipment.


BEWARE!!!!!If anybody thinks they are getting the full reward back from ATT&T that they are promised then you are SADLY MISTAKEN. This is ATT&Ts scam.

I was promised a $100 visa check card when I signed up. I was to wait 4-6 weeks then it would be sent to me. I was ver thoughro with the att&t attendant and wrote everything down. I made sure I didnt have to call or do anything online to get it. Sure enoough 4-6 weeks pass, and I call, then more time passes and I call. I keep callign and am being told it will take just a lil while longer until one day I call and am told that it has expired and that I was never even put in the sytem for a reward. 5 operators and an hour later, I hit a brick wall. And I know I did everythign that I needed to do on my end because I was skeptical about this reward from the start, I knew they would find a way to screw me and sure enough they did!

Dont let att&t fool you they are going to short you on these rewards or your not going to get them at all..... theve got this scam down to a science


The same exact thing happened to me, except the guy who sold me the bundle propmised me $260 and when I called to get my reward a woman with a bad attittude also said I must have been mistaken as I only qualify for $110. Which is all they gave me. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.


wow people get it together and read the terms and conditions i have never had a problem with att everything is there for your information its called taking responsibility i am shocked you people dont care and take the time to do your research..doesnt make sense to me!i read the terms and conditions was able to get exactly what i was promised!


Consider yourself lucky. We are not ***!


This seems to be a growing trend with att&t. I signed up for u-verse online with the enticiing promise of visa cards and rewards to only end up with nothing.

After calling the rewards center several times to only be told that I have to have my service for weeks (long enough to lock me into the plan with penalty for cancellation).

I only wish I knew how to hold them accountable for all the misleading and broken promises to customers. I am one pissed off customer.


It seemed fairly clear I was supposed to get $300 back for my bundle, but they never mailed an award letter (which I was later told had a code I was to enter online). I called them and they said they would take care of it, but within two days all mention of the then expired reward was deleted from their system online.

I called back a week or so later and they basically insisted I was a liar or confused. I still never got a letter over 6 months into this.


Signed up for $250, found an additional $25 coupon code online. It said total rewards would be $275.

I received only $75. I am calling them Monday and not going to back down.


Being new to the US I was called by a Uverse rep offering me a bundle i.e. phone, internet and tv.

I was told I would get a $250 reward card. Low and behold nothing has happened. I have spent over 9 hours on the telephone. On one occasion I was told I would definitely receive it in four weeks.

This did not happen and then when I called back was told it was not coming at all. In the UK this would not been allowed to happen. Is there anyway you can complain. I understand that emailing the CEO doesn't help as one customer who did this received a legal letter.

Should I just write it off and change to another provider. So much for the land of the free


ATT UVERSE did the same thing to me. When I signed up for their package I was supposed to get a $200 rewards card.

I followed up multiple times and got the same run around.

ATT Uverse just does not care if they take advantage of people and their customer service people have their hands tied. I can't imagine working for ATT knowing that they are ripping customers off!


Guys - I am in same boat of odering the package online, but my rebate is for 500$ and let see how much i will be getting back.

Currently they have promotion for 400 and additional 100 for this week so total 500.

Will let you know if I get anything in reward. :zzz


I currently going through the same thing. AT&T offered me $300 in Visa gift cards in November 2009 in order to sign me up (in addition to $129/mo for a year with the first month free)when I ordered over the phone. For confirmation, I asked for an email summarizing what I signed up for.

After I tried to activate the awards, I only found only $150 available in gift cards. I complained and they offered to adjust the following month's bill by $150 based on the email confirmation.

However, the first "official" bill did not include any of the above promises, except for a $100 adjustment. I still owed AT&T U-Verse money for the first two months. They promised to adjust the bill when I spoke to them two weeks ago to clear my balances for the first two months.

Since then, a "manager" from billing has stated I cannot receive any "further adjustments" . I am awaiting a manager to call me back after she reviews my conversation in late January. I am also filing a formal complaint (though I do not know whether it is worth sending to their Corporate team). I am tired of dealing with their customer service/billing staff.

There's 3 months of stress in a single comment...


Same deal here -- I ordered online, was supposed to get $400 reward, but it shows $250. I don't know if I'll call in.

Probably just switch to comcast, their tv is higher quality. Too bad, ATT installed was super.


To Mark:

Did you talk to a supervisor and ask for a credit to your statement? Also sometimes the phone calls are recorded. Ask to have the super listen to the recorded call. Maybe they'll give you the reward just to get rid of you. :o))

I found out later that the $250 rebate offer was for on-line sign up orders. But that shouldn't have affected me because I DID sign up on-line. I only called to confirm the rebate, etc. I have since seen the exact same $250 offer for the exact same bundle I signed up for. So all I can suggest is that anyone ordering on-line should make a copy of the original offer along with a copy of the email and any other confirmations so you have some back up to send with a letter. Also, if you call for confirmation on the rebate, get the person's name and the exact time of the call. I don't know if these ideas will help but they may be worth a try.


Exact same thing happened to me. Except my deal was for $300 back.

I only recieved $250 and they insisted they've never had such a deal.

I spent 1 hour on the phone before I gave up to try my luck again later tonight.

They talked to me like I was crazy and making this deal up. Like you I wrote it down and compared to others and also made sure I confirmed with a representative.

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