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The message reads: "The owner of this channel has removed it from the U-verse lineup despite our request to keep it available to you." It then says to visit I called the 800 number for assistance and was basically told the same thing in a recorded message. We're paying an exorbitant amount of money for service and no one (in person) can even tell me what's going on. I know it's a fight over money but what about our...
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Anonymous ATT is one of the worst companies to provide "service" that term is used loosely. Get an antennae make sure it is a powered one, I get CBS in HD and it is miles away, look onl...

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Today, 7 Sep 2016, I noticed we no longer received the AT&T Uverse Weather On Demand service (channel 227 SD; channel 1227 HD.) I checked the AT&T Uverse Community forums and found more than one complaint about the loss, all posted today. There were no solutions posted by any AT&T Uverse user or any AT&T Uverse staff member. Some of the posted complaints in the forums stated AT&T Uverse Customer Service was called and the Customer Service...
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jdelauche I have recently found information that indicates changes of AT&T Uverse programming are published in the print newspaper USA Today. Yah, AT&T Uverse customers are supposed to ...


jdelauche Since my post, I have discovered the announcement of the 7 Sep 2016 ending of AT&T Uverse channels 227 and 1227, Weather On Demand, buried in an AT&T Uverse announcement on pr...

Att U-verse Tv Service Review

I have AT&T U-verse TV. AT&T just went through a systemwide update. Everything on my TV has changed. The way that you check live TV has changed completely they're using pictures of CD covers now and it sucks. The guide option on it sucks. If this doesn't change I will be leaving AT&T.