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I switched to ATT in Dec 2013. Primarily because the Cox prices were too high.

I saved approximately $100 per month for my ATT uverse, home phone, TV and Internet. The service was slower, but still cheaper. Starting in March 2015 I tried contacting ATT for minor issues. That's when I realized, if you don't care about speed (Cox is about 10 times faster) and don't need service, ATT is fine.

9 times out of 10 you talk to the Philippines. You can understand them, but they have learned English differently than Americans. They read from scripts and really don't help you. I finally had enough and switched back to Cox.

Now a month on, I rcvd a Final-final bill from ATT. It said I had a $146.00 credit. When I called to find out when I might receive the refund I got an Indian that was speaking English, but barely understandable. I was advised with in 45 days I should get my check, I think?!

When will ATT learn that speaking to an American or Canadian may cost more, but people will be much happier?

I'm not racist but please don't make us deal with off shore unless we are off shore. Cox uses North Americans.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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At least on the cell phone side, a couple of years ago AT&T went back to using customer service reps in the US. Along with some other initiatives to increase customer ratings, this succeeding in improving how customers felt about the service.

However, as of this year, they got rid of much of their stateside customer service, in favor of again farming it off to offshore companies. Essentially, the rationale is that their customer satisfaction ratings are good, and the offshore employees are fluent in English, and should be able to do just as good a job for a fraction of the price. Of course, in actuality it rarely works out that way, and so customer satisfaction ratings will slip, until the higher ups again decide that customer service needs to be a focus again. This is a symptom of the American corporate culture, which holds short term profits above anything else.

They will worry about the future in the future, when there is a good chance that any problems their cost-cutting measures create will be someone else's problem. I wouldn't say AT&T is worse than other large companies in this regard, but they aren't any better, either.

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