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I have been with ATT for several years. Recently, we subscribed to ATT Uverse.

They had been bugging me with mail and phone calls for a long time to get Uverse. We had our land phone and cell phone with them for sometime. I had told them repeatedly we couldn't afford Uverse. Even before we added Uverse, I had to often call in when we got our bill because there was an overcharge on it.

Since we have had Uverse, I have had to call in every month to question a charge or an overcharge. A company rep. agrees to something and when the bill comes, the charge is more than what the agreed charge was to be. I have found that when I call in, oftentimes a company rep.

will go over my bill with me and when I ask if we can do something to save a buck, he or she will say, oh yes, we have a promotion going and we can probably save you something. Had I not called in, we would continue to pay more than we would have needed to.

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All the phone reps at u verse should be deported.


I really enjoyed U-verse. I have to cancel and I can't not recommend this service to anyone ever again,After the special was up we decided to switch to Cheaper package.

The next month a week and a half before the bill is even due they turn off our cable. Then we call them and they tell us we own them $600??? How can a bill that set at a flat rate go up to $600 is 3weeks time. After complaining they claimed some one forgot to save the change in the computer and chopped $200 hundred dollars off of our bill.

It must not have been too important if u can take $200 off just like that then they told us that we could pay half now and half next month. We were still getting *** over but I really enjoyed U-verse. I still wondered where the extra $200+ dollars came into the equation. So comes billing day and the cable is off we dont get off until 6.

So we call and ask if we paid the bill over the phone could the cable be turned back on and we asked again where did the extra $200+ plus came from on the bill. The first guy could not even explain it, he transferred us to some one else and they told us it was a "prorate" charge. Ok now what is it and why weren't we warned about it in advance. She could not even tell us why we were charged it or what the *** it even was.

So next they get there manager on the line. She could not explain the charge but expected us to pay it in full. $400 when a week and a half  ago they said we could pay half now half next month. She said we have to pay the $400 today and next months bill in advance to have the cable turned back on.

So we did what u would have done and canceled our service. You guys are ridiculous. 


But starting to get there. A man knocked on my door asking me to join Uverse AT&T,,,i called AT&T they knew nothing about the promotion in my area,,,rep said he's legite' and went on to verify that - indeed; AT&T uses outside sources (contractors!!!;o(

I signed and on the paper it clearly states 95 dollars give or take tax,..HD channels included with free activation.

Sounds to good to be true but there it is.. BANG!!! IN BLACK AND WHITE!!I WAS SO HAPPY!!!

3 weeks later my HD channels are gone, I got a bill for 250 dollars and the guy is asking me to call AT&T,,,my bill is due...I asked him to pass by to discuss because I am ready to say take your box!!! There are so many ways to get around this stuff today and they are forcing us more and more to learn about technology and by pass all this nonsence...there's got to be other providers of service and ways to watch programs without having to pay all this money...


Dear Purrdog, I’m sorry to hear about the billing issues you have encountered. Please send an email to ATTDavidO@att.com and include you posted on “Pissed Consumer - Purrdog”, your name, account information, and a contact number.

I will see what I can do to help you. Thanks.

I work 8-5 CST Monday through Friday. Thanks David O.


ATT Uverse has repeatedly attempted to overcharge me on my $19.99 monthly internet service.

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